Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sweet Moments

I'm not the type to romanticize my life, but sometimes there are just moments you want to remember.
Like Tuesday night:
{just a fav picture of us}
+ I'm cleaning the kitchen while Ethan finishes watching Big Break. He looks back at me and says, "you're going to be a great mom."
+ We're watching the season finale of Friends on TV after our walk. Of course the part with Rachel and Ross at the end makes me cry, just like it does every time. {No spoilers here.. even though its been 10 years!} He laughs because I'm crying. He knows I'm a sap.
+ I'm playing Soda Crush on my phone. He pokes at my double chin and calls it cute. I push him and tell him to be nice. He says it really is cute because I'm getting pregnant chub.
+ Friends ends and he starts to change the channel. I protest and say "hey, my show is coming on!" He says he knows and that's where he was changing it to. By the way, my show is The Duggars and he hates it.
+ Baby Girl was kicking up a storm last night. Might have been the sugar rush I gave her from my bedtime ice cream snack.. He leans over to feel her kick and every time she does he looks up at me for confirmation that that was her. We both smile while we wait for the next kick.
+ I'm putting the towels in the dryer. He sneaks up out of nowhere, gets thisclose to me and says "boo." I almost pee myself. He laughs and grabs me in the biggest hug. We both laugh at how good he scared me.
Maybe these moments aren't romantic at all. Maybe they don't even make sense to you. 
But they were moments that made me smile. Made me realize how much I love that man.
Ethan, I love you.
I know you don't read my blog, but these were moments I wanted to remember.
Moments that were just me and you.
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  1. Awww these are so sweet!!

  2. This is precious, and yes they are totally romantic and sweet! I totally get it. :)

  3. Absolutely precious. You are so blessed!!

  4. Love this and your heart! So good to document these precious times to look back on for years to come! xx

  5. Aw all super sweet moments especially listening to the baby kicking and moving about.

  6. All you need is a little something like the aboves to make you smile!

  7. These are so cute. The Duggars is also my show and my husband also despises it.