Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 27

Definitely not a glamour shot this week! You'll have to excuse my "I've been at the beach all day look!"

how far along: 27 weeks!
size of the baby: Little Girl is around 14" tall now and weighs around 2 pounds! I can totally tell she's gotten much bigger and feeling her in two {distant} places at once is a really neat feeling!

{Ovia App} 
baby is: breathing {her amniotic fluid, not air, but it still counts!} and is showing brain activity! This week her chance of survival jumped to the 80-90% range with under 10% chance of disability!
movement: Her little movements aren't so little anymore and they're actually starting to hurt every now and then when I get a sharp little heel or elbow {I still can't tell what is what?!}!
total weight gain: Up 25 pounds officially. I'm just going to have to start owning it from here on out. It's not like we're going to get any smaller any time soon!

stretch marks: Same ole, same ole. Still lathering on my stretch mark lotion all over my chest, stomach, hips, and upper thighs every morning and night!
symptoms: Still have my nasal congestion and maybe getting a touch of Restless Leg Syndrome.

wedding rings on or off: On, except for at night.

belly button in or out: The top part of my belly button has popped! It's the weirdest looking thing!
maternity clothes: Got a new shirt and two new dresses last week. I've worn one of the dresses and while I think it makes me look big, it's super comfy and was only $9 on Old Navy clearance!
sleep: Struggling here lately. I don't know if it's because I have/had a lot on my mind this past week. But I've tossed and turned most nights and am starting to feel really tired during the day because of it. I want to sleep on my back so bad {and I sleep best that way..}, but I know it's not good for my body right now.
missing: Not much this week. I'm getting to the point where I'm trying to savor these last few months.
cravings/aversions: Waffle House. It was the best waffle and hash browns I've ever had in my life. Of course, I paid for it later when I didn't feel good.
cries: I noticed my mood was off this week. I think it had a lot to do with not being in control. I look at the calendar and panic a little that her due date is around 12 weeks away. Some days that seems sooo far away; others I feel like it's tomorrow. I walk in her nursery and get overwhelmed because we have nothing for her besides a mattress-less crib and some {really cute} clothes. This sounds silly, but I felt a sense of control after I ordered her bedding this week. It's not something that she can eat out of like a bottle or be safe in like a car seat, but it was something I could cross off my mental checklist that made my heart calm down. Our first shower is on the 16th of next month, so I know we'll get a lot of our essentials very soon!

nursery: Ordered her bedding this week! After being told "yes I'll make your bedding" and then getting back out on twice by two different people for her bedding, it was nice to finally find something I could "live with" online and have a shipping date on. {Sounds weird, I know, but I really do love it.} It's not the original mint and coral I had started with, but I love the bright pinks, greens, and blues it does have!

We opted for the rail guard, instead of the bumper, and ordered the matching changing pad cover! It should be here around May 8th! From there I'm going to pick out the colors for her dresser, get that painted, and start folding and storing itty bitty baby clothing in it! We're also purchasing her glider this week! Can't wait to have that just so I can go in her room and just sit there soaking it all in!
ethan is: ready to meet his little girl. This past week {April 22} we met our newest nephew Walker! Ethan's not one for holding newborn babies {or really babies in general.. too "fragile"} but he took right to holding Walker! The first time was a little stiff and awkward, but the 2nd time he got passed around, Ethan was holding him like a pro! Later that night he told me he was ready for her to be here. It made my heart melt. I know all women say this, but I'm going to be one big puddle once I finally do see those two together!

best moments: Hands down meeting my little Walkie Talkie! When I held him for the 1st time, Charlotte was kicking up a storm! Not sure if she was excited, or maybe just a little jealous! ;)

{My mom says it's her 5 favorite people}

{Walker James}

not so best moments: Being scared for my sister-in-law while she was having a C-section. It was hard to not put myself in her place, giving the fact I've got +/- 13 weeks till I have to give birth. The unknown is a bit scary.

looking forward to: So many great things in May! 3D ultrasound, my birthday, my 1st Mother's Day, Ethan's parents visiting, my 1st baby shower, my maternity pictures, Charlotte's bedding and glider coming in, a good friend's wedding, and a nice 4-day weekend for Memorial Day! Oh, and hopefully some progress on our house! I think May will literally FLY by!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Life This Past Week // New Baby & Beach Days

Where to even begin with this "weekend" update.. it's more like a life lately post!
To start it off, I'm an Aunt {again}!! My brother and his wife welcomed their first child, Walker James this past Wednesday, April 22! I'm over the moon that he's here and he's just the cutest little thing I've ever seen! I can't wait for Charlotte to be here to she and her big cousin can be bffs! Walker makes niece or nephew #10 for me and Ethan! I'm also thrilled we get to visit with them tomorrow night! I'm sure another 100 pictures will be taken!

Thursday {after a totally normal day at work} we made plans to visit with our friends Taylor and Colin who had been out of the country for the past 2ish weeks! I'm 99.9% sure we're not letting them leave the country again {especially without us!} because our weekends are boring without them! Haha! Just kidding {kinda..} we did get some great family time in while they were out!
{Waffle House craving by morning, Waffle House dinner by night! Win!}

{All the goodies Taylor brought me and Charlotte back from England}
Friday was my off day, but I headed into work to catch up on a couple hours I'll be missing this week for a doctor's appointment! After I got off I met up with my Grandma for lunch, a little shopping, and a pedicure! That massage chair on my lower back = heaven! Oh, and OPI Strawberry Margarita is the perfect shade of pink! ;)
Saturday Ethan and Colin went shooting, so I hung around Taylor's house until she got off work. I took a little nap with her pups, who were insistent on having a killer house party. Such wild ladies!

{Our nap party!}
We grabbed lunch once she got off and headed to the Navy Shopping Mall to {hopefully} score my stroller/car seat combo for $100 cheaper than at Babies R Us. Spoiler alert: although advertised, they did not have my combo, could not order my combo, and could not help us any further. Talk about frustrated to the max! On the plus side, I did find two of the cutest Wubanubs for Charlotte. They may not help her safety one day, but hopefully they'll comfort her!

Saturday night Ethan and I grabbed dinner at Founaris Bros. I, of course, needed their vegetarian pizza. It's bomb dot com and if I didn't have a little 2 pound baby cramping my stomach, could have totally finished the entire thing! Top it with their house dressing and it's literally the best thing you'll ever have!

Sunday we stayed home and enjoyed the nice weather {after weeks of rain..} with some friends! We started out with a brunch at our house around 11, made our way down to the beach around 12:30 and stayed plopped in our chairs until 4! Perfect beach day! Of course I didn't snap a picture when it was absolutely gorgeous out, but the sunburn on my thighs prove that the sun was shining! :)

This next part has nothing to do with my weekend, but everything to do with opinions! Moms and New Moms, did you do the "mom chop" when you had your baby?! I've got long hair that all I do is straighten it for work and throw it up in a messy bun at home.
Do you regret cutting your long hair after doing it or do you wish you had?! Let me know!

{Here's what I'm thinking.. the one on the right is a little too extreme in the front, but I like the back.}

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 26

{26 weeks + 6 days}

how far along: 26 weeks! How am I only mere weeks away from the 3rd trimester? Didn't we just start this journey?! Also, a long time ago, Elise pointed out on her blog that 26 weeks is half of 52 {weeks in a year}, so I've super officially been pregnant for 6 months!
size of the baby: baby girl is the size of a head of lettuce, so around 14" tall and 2-ish pounds!

{Ovia App} 
baby is: She's opened her eyes this week! She's also getting more practice "breathing" by inhaling amniotic fluid! Also, she's got around an 80-90% chance of survival now! That's huge leaps from 25% two weeks ago, to 50% last week, and now 80% this week! Of course, she'd be in the NICU for awhile, but it's comforting to know that she's got a fighting chance!
movement: I wonder if I'm feeling hiccups? Now that I know she's breathing in her amniotic fluid, some of these "movements" could be hiccups I'm sure!
total weight gain: I'm still gaining 2 lbs. a week.. which is not looking good on my scale!

stretch marks: Same ole, same ole.
symptoms: My poor tailbone. Woof.

wedding rings on or off: On during the day; off at night.

belly button in or out: Hanging on, but mostly really shallow or flat.
maternity clothes: Basically wearing the same 8 things every week. Ha! I did scoop up a Target dress at Dirt Cheap for $3 and a dress and shirt both on clearance at Old Navy!
sleep: Crazy dreams galore. Dreamt the other night that me and my best friend lied about getting married so I could go to Germany with her without a passport. Yea.. no.
missing: We had lunch at Chili's this past week and they have their seasonal margaritas on the menu now. Oh, how I'd love a watermelon margarita!
cravings/aversions: Got it in my head the other night that I needed steamed shrimp, so I braved really bad weather to hit up the fish market! Worth it, so worth getting drenched!
cries: Totally cried when I saw the digital proof for my 1st baby shower. Didn't know I could get that emotional over a piece of paper!

nursery: We have a crib! Eek!

ethan is: getting a little bit of the nesting bug. He put together Charlotte's crib and has talked about cleaning out his closet to help make room for our little one!
best moments: Helping plan my 1st baby shower! We're doing a "Story Book Brunch" theme. Thank you, Pinterest for all your wonderful brunch food ideas! It's barely a month away and I can hardly contain my excitement!

not so best moments: the weather really bites this week. It's been nothing but all-day, non-stop, no sunshine, only rain! Blah! I need my Vitamin D and Vitamin "Sea!" ;) Also, had my 1st pregnant lady fall. It wasn't anything bad, but I definitely slipped going down some steps and landed on all fours. One little scrape on my knee is all I have to show for it! It definitely scared me though!

looking forward to: So many things coming up! May is going to be a busy, busy month! Got baby appointments, our 3D ultrasound, our 1st baby shower, my 1st Mother's Day, and my birthday! I've always loved May so much!

next appointment: April 30 (normal) and May 2 (3D ultrasound)

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekending // House Plans & Baby Updates

So I mentioned Friday that there were five things I was really looking forward to this weekend. I got 3/5 complete. Not too shabby. We even got a bonus of getting a little bit of Vitamin D in on Sunday! {Thank you, Lord, for some sunshine!}
Friday we had our design meeting for our new house! It was fun and stressful all at the same time! We met Donna at the studio at 2 and finished around 5 with all our selections. By the time we were finished, me and Ethan were both super mentally drained! Who knew picking out flooring and wall colors could make you want to take a 10-hour nap?!

{Shingles, Brick & Hardie Boards selections}

{Brick, Hardie Board, Shutters & Garage Door}
{The "red line" plans}

{Cabinet shape & color with our flooring selection}
After the meeting we grabbed an early dinner at Moe's and headed home to call it a day! We both took really good naps and the rest of the evening was spent just lounging around! Ethan did get one daddy duty done ~ Charlotte has a place to sleep in our house now!
I swear I've walked in her room just to look at her crib at least 100 times since putting it together Friday night!
Saturday Ethan took his nephew to his baseball game, so I got out and about to run some errands. I really wanted to check out Dirt Cheap for some maternity clothes and was able to get one dress for $3! I also got a big box of 50 thank you cards, that I know will come in handy as soon as showers start happening!
Saturday night we hung out at my parent's house with all my siblings. We ordered pizza, made a cake and just enjoyed each other's company!
{26w5d & 36w5d ~ Probably our last bump picture together!}

{Cousin Love}
Sunday was a lazy, rainy day for us. Ethan and I skipped church and opted for sleeping in way past 10. We did get up and grab some lunch later on, and even managed to get our grocery shopping done before our normal 9 p.m. We had dinner with my Grandparents, watched GoT, and called it a night!
I've got a short week coming up, so that's super exciting {for me!} but really nothing on the forecast! Speaking of forecasts.. I really hope we get some sunshine soon. It's been rainy for the past 2 weeks and I could really use a tan on this big white belly of mine! Ha! 
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekend Wishes and Plans

So it's become that time of year again. The time where I literally do not care what happens Monday through Friday at 5 p.m. I'm only concerned with what fun I can get into that weekend!
It happens every summer for me. Which I'm sure I'm not alone. Probably everyone only cares about the weekend, unless you work weekends.. then that probably sucks. But this 9-5'er doesn't, so the weekends are for no work and all play!
Here's the five things I'm looking forward to for this weekend!
{1} Putting Charlotte's crib together! Eek! I can't stand to look at it any longer just in its box!
{2} There's a good possibility I've got a nephew coming this weekend! Come on, Walker! Aunt Katie wants to meet you! Alexis has an appointment today and I'm really hoping so there's been progress since her appointment on Monday!
{3} We've got a meeting with the Design Team for our house! Yup, that's right! We're picking out brick color, cabinets, flooring colors, wall color, fixtures, you name it! Now I just hope they can get the real ball rolling and start breaking ground soon! Mama ain't getting any less pregnant these days..
{Follow me on Pinterest for all our home updates and more!}
{4} Prepping and mailing out the invitations for my 1st baby shower! Eek! Is this real life?! {I feel like I say that a ton these days, but for real I feel so blessed to be experiencing this time in my life!} My "theme" is a Story Book Brunch! And by theme, I mean, no theme, I just really loved these invites and the idea of bringing a book instead of a card!
{5} Two words. Crawfish Festival. Ethan best know we're getting our crawfish on this weekend!
All right, I'll let you know on Monday which of these five made it to my official plans, and which well.. didn't. Here's to hoping all 5 happen! Especially #2! :)
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 25


how far along: 25 weeks! I'm considering this my "Golden Week" since I'm 25-years old and 25 weeks pregnant!
size of the baby: She's as big as a cauliflower, weighing around 1.5-2.5 pounds and is 13.6-14.8 inches tall!

{Ovia Pregnancy App}
baby is: enjoying her new sense of equilibrium - she now knows which way is up and which is down! I found this fascinating - this week she has a 50% chance of survival outside the womb because her lungs are starting to produce surfactant, the substance that helps the lungs work!

{Something I sent Ethan to show him how much Charlotte has grown the past 10 weeks!}
movement: She's pretty much got her cycles and most of them involve being right after I've eaten or sat down after being up for awhile. She's most active around 8 a.m. (after breakfast), 2 p.m. (after lunch), 7 p.m. (after dinner), and around10 p.m. (bedtime).
total weight gain: Yikes.. I hit a number I wasn't hoping to hit until 30 weeks. The big 1-8-0. Makes my total weight gain 22 pounds..

stretch marks: Still the same.
symptoms: Tail bone pain and constipation. Stuffy/congested nose and nose bleeds. Breathing is getting a little harder to do and I get winded easily.

wedding rings on or off: On during the day; off at night.

belly button in or out: Still hanging in a little, but pretty flat after I eat.
maternity clothes: Are so dang expensive! I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon and at least get another maxi skirt. I'd love some more work-type shirts, but I'll get by on dressing up my t-shirts for as long as possible!
sleep:  It's ok. I think Charlotte wakes me up in the middle of the night with her kicks. Then of course because I'm up I have to pee. Guess we're just getting prepared for her nighttime feedings!
missing: Being able to sit without my butt hurting and stand without my feet hurting.
cravings/aversions: Still haven't gotten that Coke icee.. need to get that soon before I lose my mind! Ha! Was looking at old Instagram pictures and saw a picture of a funfetti cake I had made ages ago.. guess who had funfetti cake for dinner?!

cries: None that I can think of...

nursery: Making progress! So far we've gotten rid of the bed, cleaned out the closet, and organized a little bit! I've got a friend making her bedding, so I need to pick out the fabrics I want to use and mail those to her!
ethan is: He liked seeing the little dresses hanging in my closet. I guess it makes things just that much more real!
best moments: This!! Double Digits! Is this real life?!

{Baby Bump Pro App}

not so best moments: Starting to feel tired again. Not sure if it's from running myself too hard or just that 3rd trimester tiredness is starting up a little early.

looking forward to: Charlotte's crib being delivered this week! My house will have a crib in it by next weekend!

next appointment: April 30th (normal) and May 2 (3D ultrasound!)

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Low-Key Weekending

We had a decently low-key weekend at the Macarthur house. The weather was gross on Friday, so I was able to spend my entire day off cleaning out Charlotte's room just a little bit more! Of course, I had to start my day with a little "me time" before I dove head first into the mess that's called her room!
{Breakfast & Coffee on the Patio}
The picture quality is awful, but after it was all said and done I was able to donate 3 bags to Goodwill and 4 bags went down the trash chute! I can't believe I actually have little baby dresses hanging in my closet! Well.. my old closet!

{This wasn't even the half of it.. }

{Can't wait to see her in each of these little outfits!}
The next day was Alexis' last baby shower! This one was mostly my family and my mom's friends, so it was great to see everyone! She got a lot of really good stuff and now we're just patiently awaiting little Walker's arrival!

{Me & my friend Marissa}

{Lex at almost 36 weeks; Me at almost 26 weeks!}

{Wish these weren't blurry, but this little stinker would NOT smile for me!}

{Me & my baby sister Hannah}
After the shower we all headed back to my parent's house for dinner. It was nice having everyone together for family dinner. I even got the best foot rub from my dad! These preggo feet were very thankful!
Sunday morning Ethan and I went to church and grabbed lunch at Newk's. That's seriously our favorite place to eat now and I'm so excited that they're opening up one downtown near where I work! Woohoo! Of course, we rushed home so Ethan could watch the final day of the Masters!

{Jinx getting in on the action}

{Me, getting in on my own action..}

{Also found out that my belly is now big enough to be a shelf. Convenient, I tell ya!}
The rest of Sunday was a lazy bummy day! I got a few loads of laundry washed and that was about it for my activity. I just wish I would have actually napped when I had the chance! Of course, the highlight of Sunday was the premier of Game of Thrones! The opening episode was great and I hate that we have to wait a-whole-nother week before the next one! {Guess Netflix has spoiled me..}
That's it for the weekend! It was rain, cleaning, and a lot of lounging around! :) Charlotte's crib is getting delivered this week, so I know next weekend will be putting her crib together and painting her dressers! Eeek! Baby clothes in my closet and a crib in my house! I might lose it from all my excitement!
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