Thursday, April 9, 2015

Confessions of a Pregnant Girl

Rambling thoughts of a 25 1/2 week pregnant girl..
{via Facebook}
+ I cried like a baby last night watching some special segment on Bubba Watson {the pro golfer}. It was basically about how he and his wife couldn't have kids, how they got denied for adoption like 4 times, how his dad passed away, then how they were finally selected in 2012 and when he won the Masters no one knew he was rushing home to finalize their 1st adoption. I was a blubbering mess. Ethan later tells me Bubba Watson was once voted "least likely person you'd help if they were in a parking lot fight." Apparently the guy's not super liked. Oh, well. I still cried so many happy tears for him over his story.
+Speaking of happy tears. I have this really weird obsession where I check #ttccommunity on Instagram. My heart breaks so badly for all families struggling to conceive and as I scroll I send my best thoughts, wishes, and prayers out to the ones whose IG names I recognize {by seeing a lot through my creeping..}. This past month two of the girls I creep got their BFP {big fat positive}! They'll never know I followed along with them {because I literally never hit that "follow" button..} and how I prayed for them or how happy I am for them now. And I'm a creeper freak, I know.
+I really enjoy just going in Charlotte's nursery. Even though it's basically just an empty room aside from a book case and dresser that needs to be painted the right color. I can't wait for the day when I have her glider in their and I can just sit and take it all in.
{Major cleaning steps have been accomplished!}
+Ordered baby girl's crib yesterday. Well.. at least I thought I ordered it. Leave it to Walmart to cancel your order and not even tell you. So thankful I logged in to see if there had been any shipping progress in the past.. well.. 10 hours. Haha!
+Ethan told me last night the highlight of his day is watching me struggle and grunt as I try to get comfortable in bed at night. Let me tell you, it is a sight. I don't blame him!
+I've checked my Target and Babies-R-Us registries like 100 times since we started them one week ago.. I've deleted things, added things, second guessed myself on things.. so much fun.
+I scheduled a 3D ultrasound for May 2 and am eagerly counting down the days till we see her little face! In the beginning I said I wouldn't do a 3D u/s, but now that it's here.. well yea, I'll eat crow.
+I'm so sick of bloody noses it's not even funny. I think next time around I won't even have to take a pregnancy test, because my nose will just start pouring blood. That's how I'll know.
+Painted my toes the other day. I think that event should be added to the Olympics. Probably going to leave it to the professionals from here on out..
+Charlotte has found my ribs and prefers to only attack the right side. I should have bruises soon and can only imagine if this little 1.5 pound baby is making me this uncomfortable, what's a 7 pound one going to feel like?
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  1. Ah, this pregnancy stuff sounds SO exciting! I would be completely obsessed with my registries if I were in your shoes, so no worries there. Also, love love LOVE the name you chose for your baby girl! Congratulations!

  2. I had bloody noses too with my son. Also if it was a sad movie i would cry. Love the name that you picked out for your baby girl. Good luck time sure does fly quickly. Have a good day.

  3. I had bloody noises with my first pregnancy but none with my second- it was a nice reprieve! I changed my registries so many times! Honestly I wouldn't stress about it too much, baby girl will love some stuff and hate other stuff haha. I love that story about Bubba Watson- I cried when I heard it too.

  4. All three of the girls I talked to about infertility a lot just finally got their BFP! Another friend just started trying, I'm hoping and praying it's a quick BFP. I can't wait to see what you do to little Charlotte's nursery! I know it's going to be precious!

  5. You have new bruises you haven't shown me ;) haha.