Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

Easter weekend - what a blur! We packed so much stuff into one 3-day weekend, that it's now Tuesday, I'm exhausted, and finally getting around to posting the weekend! Started my Good Friday off good by catching some gorgeous rays at the beach! We ventured pretty far down, because trust me.. no one wants to see this belly in a bikini! Haha!
That afternoon we had an ultrasound and appointment for Charlotte! Such good news on her ultrasound! One - she's still a girl! Haha! Two - she cooperated so we were able to get all her measurements and check her heart since she was a stubborn butt last time! She's weighing in at 1 pound, 9 ounces and is measuring only one day behind my calendar {I was 24w4d, she measured 24w3d}! Everything looks great so far! Our next appointment isn't until May 1st, but that'll be the dreaded glucose test so somewhat not looking forward to it!
{Sweet girl's profile and that dang hand in her mouth again!} 
After the appointment I met up with Mom and Hannah to start Charlotte's registry! What an experience.. it was fun, exhausting, overwhelming and every other emotion you can add in there! I'm glad I took my Mom instead of Ethan - he would have had enough about 30 minutes into Target! We registered at Target and Babies-R-Us and she should be all set with anything she needs in life according to the registry! Haha! Who knew babies needed so much stuff?!

Saturday morning me and Ethan headed to our Childbirth Preparedness Class. It was the 4-hour express class and was very informative. It didn't teach you things like how to breathe during labor, but it did cover things like how to tell the difference between false and true labor, what procedures could be done to you while you are in labor, pros and cons of epidurals and other pain management techniques, etc. All-in-all it was very informative and I'm super glad we went, but man.. talk about serious stress when it actually sinks in what's going to be happening to you in just a few short months! I did really enjoy the hospital tour and seeing what the rooms like look, where the nursery is, and what the inside of the C-section OR looked like {praying that was the only time I'll ever be in one of those!}
After class we grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to a craft show my friend Taylor was in. She had the cutest little booth set up! Afterwards we went to her house, got dinner and watched one of the Final Four games. Another long day, but it was fun.
{Taylor and her booth "Sawdust"}

{I'm her chalkboard writer extraordinaire!}

Sunday was Resurrection Sunday, so we went to church with my grandparents at Hillcrest. It was good seeing them and also seeing a packed house! Afterwards we headed over to Babies-R-Us so I could show Ethan some of the bigger things I registered for like the stroller and carseat. We played around with different ones for an hour trying to make sure we had picked the right one! When it was finally lunch time, we headed over to my other grandparent's house for lunch. It was a good time with good food and great people.
Now, like I said.. it's Tuesday and I'm still exhausted from our whirlwind weekend! Can it be Friday {and can I get a hallelujah for a short week!} so I can get some extra sleep?!
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  1. Registering for Charlotte must have been so much fun! Looks like you had great weather for the weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! The ultrasound picture is great! So exciting you got to register too!

  3. What a cute craft show area. Hope she did pretty well!