Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 25


how far along: 25 weeks! I'm considering this my "Golden Week" since I'm 25-years old and 25 weeks pregnant!
size of the baby: She's as big as a cauliflower, weighing around 1.5-2.5 pounds and is 13.6-14.8 inches tall!

{Ovia Pregnancy App}
baby is: enjoying her new sense of equilibrium - she now knows which way is up and which is down! I found this fascinating - this week she has a 50% chance of survival outside the womb because her lungs are starting to produce surfactant, the substance that helps the lungs work!

{Something I sent Ethan to show him how much Charlotte has grown the past 10 weeks!}
movement: She's pretty much got her cycles and most of them involve being right after I've eaten or sat down after being up for awhile. She's most active around 8 a.m. (after breakfast), 2 p.m. (after lunch), 7 p.m. (after dinner), and around10 p.m. (bedtime).
total weight gain: Yikes.. I hit a number I wasn't hoping to hit until 30 weeks. The big 1-8-0. Makes my total weight gain 22 pounds..

stretch marks: Still the same.
symptoms: Tail bone pain and constipation. Stuffy/congested nose and nose bleeds. Breathing is getting a little harder to do and I get winded easily.

wedding rings on or off: On during the day; off at night.

belly button in or out: Still hanging in a little, but pretty flat after I eat.
maternity clothes: Are so dang expensive! I'm going to have to bite the bullet soon and at least get another maxi skirt. I'd love some more work-type shirts, but I'll get by on dressing up my t-shirts for as long as possible!
sleep:  It's ok. I think Charlotte wakes me up in the middle of the night with her kicks. Then of course because I'm up I have to pee. Guess we're just getting prepared for her nighttime feedings!
missing: Being able to sit without my butt hurting and stand without my feet hurting.
cravings/aversions: Still haven't gotten that Coke icee.. need to get that soon before I lose my mind! Ha! Was looking at old Instagram pictures and saw a picture of a funfetti cake I had made ages ago.. guess who had funfetti cake for dinner?!

cries: None that I can think of...

nursery: Making progress! So far we've gotten rid of the bed, cleaned out the closet, and organized a little bit! I've got a friend making her bedding, so I need to pick out the fabrics I want to use and mail those to her!
ethan is: He liked seeing the little dresses hanging in my closet. I guess it makes things just that much more real!
best moments: This!! Double Digits! Is this real life?!

{Baby Bump Pro App}

not so best moments: Starting to feel tired again. Not sure if it's from running myself too hard or just that 3rd trimester tiredness is starting up a little early.

looking forward to: Charlotte's crib being delivered this week! My house will have a crib in it by next weekend!

next appointment: April 30th (normal) and May 2 (3D ultrasound!)

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  1. Yay for double digits! Hope you are able to rest this weekend to combat that tiredness!

  2. 25 weeks!! How exciting!! It's amazing to look at pictures and see how fast they grow in there.

  3. You're the cutest. That cake looks delicious! And I'm telling everyone at work that I'm 20 weeks today and that I'm wearing normal pants. (they aren't zipped up all the way) LOL. Hang in there! You're looking great!

  4. Cutest bump!!! 99 days! Double digit territory! xx

  5. Every week I can't believe how far along you are and then I realize I'm only 4 weeks behind! I can't wait to see your nursery all put together!! Oh and I think I need funfetti cake now!

  6. i love following your journey with charlotte reese! happy golden week- you look great!

  7. Funfetti cake for dinner...YES PLEASE!!

  8. So very cute!!! Hang in there!!! And funfetti cake for the win!!!!