Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 26

{26 weeks + 6 days}

how far along: 26 weeks! How am I only mere weeks away from the 3rd trimester? Didn't we just start this journey?! Also, a long time ago, Elise pointed out on her blog that 26 weeks is half of 52 {weeks in a year}, so I've super officially been pregnant for 6 months!
size of the baby: baby girl is the size of a head of lettuce, so around 14" tall and 2-ish pounds!

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baby is: She's opened her eyes this week! She's also getting more practice "breathing" by inhaling amniotic fluid! Also, she's got around an 80-90% chance of survival now! That's huge leaps from 25% two weeks ago, to 50% last week, and now 80% this week! Of course, she'd be in the NICU for awhile, but it's comforting to know that she's got a fighting chance!
movement: I wonder if I'm feeling hiccups? Now that I know she's breathing in her amniotic fluid, some of these "movements" could be hiccups I'm sure!
total weight gain: I'm still gaining 2 lbs. a week.. which is not looking good on my scale!

stretch marks: Same ole, same ole.
symptoms: My poor tailbone. Woof.

wedding rings on or off: On during the day; off at night.

belly button in or out: Hanging on, but mostly really shallow or flat.
maternity clothes: Basically wearing the same 8 things every week. Ha! I did scoop up a Target dress at Dirt Cheap for $3 and a dress and shirt both on clearance at Old Navy!
sleep: Crazy dreams galore. Dreamt the other night that me and my best friend lied about getting married so I could go to Germany with her without a passport. Yea.. no.
missing: We had lunch at Chili's this past week and they have their seasonal margaritas on the menu now. Oh, how I'd love a watermelon margarita!
cravings/aversions: Got it in my head the other night that I needed steamed shrimp, so I braved really bad weather to hit up the fish market! Worth it, so worth getting drenched!
cries: Totally cried when I saw the digital proof for my 1st baby shower. Didn't know I could get that emotional over a piece of paper!

nursery: We have a crib! Eek!

ethan is: getting a little bit of the nesting bug. He put together Charlotte's crib and has talked about cleaning out his closet to help make room for our little one!
best moments: Helping plan my 1st baby shower! We're doing a "Story Book Brunch" theme. Thank you, Pinterest for all your wonderful brunch food ideas! It's barely a month away and I can hardly contain my excitement!

not so best moments: the weather really bites this week. It's been nothing but all-day, non-stop, no sunshine, only rain! Blah! I need my Vitamin D and Vitamin "Sea!" ;) Also, had my 1st pregnant lady fall. It wasn't anything bad, but I definitely slipped going down some steps and landed on all fours. One little scrape on my knee is all I have to show for it! It definitely scared me though!

looking forward to: So many things coming up! May is going to be a busy, busy month! Got baby appointments, our 3D ultrasound, our 1st baby shower, my 1st Mother's Day, and my birthday! I've always loved May so much!

next appointment: April 30 (normal) and May 2 (3D ultrasound)

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  1. You look so amazing! I can't wait for week 26 for the reason you mentioned -survival. Also your bump-peekaboo gif is just too awesome for words!

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  3. What an adorable baby shower theme! YAY for maternity clothes deals!

  4. You're looking SO cute!!!!!! I love the baby shower theme. :-)