Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 27

Definitely not a glamour shot this week! You'll have to excuse my "I've been at the beach all day look!"

how far along: 27 weeks!
size of the baby: Little Girl is around 14" tall now and weighs around 2 pounds! I can totally tell she's gotten much bigger and feeling her in two {distant} places at once is a really neat feeling!

{Ovia App} 
baby is: breathing {her amniotic fluid, not air, but it still counts!} and is showing brain activity! This week her chance of survival jumped to the 80-90% range with under 10% chance of disability!
movement: Her little movements aren't so little anymore and they're actually starting to hurt every now and then when I get a sharp little heel or elbow {I still can't tell what is what?!}!
total weight gain: Up 25 pounds officially. I'm just going to have to start owning it from here on out. It's not like we're going to get any smaller any time soon!

stretch marks: Same ole, same ole. Still lathering on my stretch mark lotion all over my chest, stomach, hips, and upper thighs every morning and night!
symptoms: Still have my nasal congestion and maybe getting a touch of Restless Leg Syndrome.

wedding rings on or off: On, except for at night.

belly button in or out: The top part of my belly button has popped! It's the weirdest looking thing!
maternity clothes: Got a new shirt and two new dresses last week. I've worn one of the dresses and while I think it makes me look big, it's super comfy and was only $9 on Old Navy clearance!
sleep: Struggling here lately. I don't know if it's because I have/had a lot on my mind this past week. But I've tossed and turned most nights and am starting to feel really tired during the day because of it. I want to sleep on my back so bad {and I sleep best that way..}, but I know it's not good for my body right now.
missing: Not much this week. I'm getting to the point where I'm trying to savor these last few months.
cravings/aversions: Waffle House. It was the best waffle and hash browns I've ever had in my life. Of course, I paid for it later when I didn't feel good.
cries: I noticed my mood was off this week. I think it had a lot to do with not being in control. I look at the calendar and panic a little that her due date is around 12 weeks away. Some days that seems sooo far away; others I feel like it's tomorrow. I walk in her nursery and get overwhelmed because we have nothing for her besides a mattress-less crib and some {really cute} clothes. This sounds silly, but I felt a sense of control after I ordered her bedding this week. It's not something that she can eat out of like a bottle or be safe in like a car seat, but it was something I could cross off my mental checklist that made my heart calm down. Our first shower is on the 16th of next month, so I know we'll get a lot of our essentials very soon!

nursery: Ordered her bedding this week! After being told "yes I'll make your bedding" and then getting back out on twice by two different people for her bedding, it was nice to finally find something I could "live with" online and have a shipping date on. {Sounds weird, I know, but I really do love it.} It's not the original mint and coral I had started with, but I love the bright pinks, greens, and blues it does have!

We opted for the rail guard, instead of the bumper, and ordered the matching changing pad cover! It should be here around May 8th! From there I'm going to pick out the colors for her dresser, get that painted, and start folding and storing itty bitty baby clothing in it! We're also purchasing her glider this week! Can't wait to have that just so I can go in her room and just sit there soaking it all in!
ethan is: ready to meet his little girl. This past week {April 22} we met our newest nephew Walker! Ethan's not one for holding newborn babies {or really babies in general.. too "fragile"} but he took right to holding Walker! The first time was a little stiff and awkward, but the 2nd time he got passed around, Ethan was holding him like a pro! Later that night he told me he was ready for her to be here. It made my heart melt. I know all women say this, but I'm going to be one big puddle once I finally do see those two together!

best moments: Hands down meeting my little Walkie Talkie! When I held him for the 1st time, Charlotte was kicking up a storm! Not sure if she was excited, or maybe just a little jealous! ;)

{My mom says it's her 5 favorite people}

{Walker James}

not so best moments: Being scared for my sister-in-law while she was having a C-section. It was hard to not put myself in her place, giving the fact I've got +/- 13 weeks till I have to give birth. The unknown is a bit scary.

looking forward to: So many great things in May! 3D ultrasound, my birthday, my 1st Mother's Day, Ethan's parents visiting, my 1st baby shower, my maternity pictures, Charlotte's bedding and glider coming in, a good friend's wedding, and a nice 4-day weekend for Memorial Day! Oh, and hopefully some progress on our house! I think May will literally FLY by!

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  1. You look amazing! Also baby Walker is so cute!!

  2. 27 weeks already?! That's so exciting!! You look adorable as always, and I adore the bedding that you picked out! I'm a control freak, so I totally understand where you anxiety is coming from. Everything will be in place and perfect by the time baby girl gets here. I just know it!

  3. This is all so exciting! I can't believe you're already 27 weeks! I totally understand where your anxiety is from and I definitely find myself feeling the same way at times. I can't wait till we pick out a glider and I can go sit in the nursery all the time, cause the floor isn't the most comfortable currently. When did you end up getting yours at?