Monday, April 13, 2015

Low-Key Weekending

We had a decently low-key weekend at the Macarthur house. The weather was gross on Friday, so I was able to spend my entire day off cleaning out Charlotte's room just a little bit more! Of course, I had to start my day with a little "me time" before I dove head first into the mess that's called her room!
{Breakfast & Coffee on the Patio}
The picture quality is awful, but after it was all said and done I was able to donate 3 bags to Goodwill and 4 bags went down the trash chute! I can't believe I actually have little baby dresses hanging in my closet! Well.. my old closet!

{This wasn't even the half of it.. }

{Can't wait to see her in each of these little outfits!}
The next day was Alexis' last baby shower! This one was mostly my family and my mom's friends, so it was great to see everyone! She got a lot of really good stuff and now we're just patiently awaiting little Walker's arrival!

{Me & my friend Marissa}

{Lex at almost 36 weeks; Me at almost 26 weeks!}

{Wish these weren't blurry, but this little stinker would NOT smile for me!}

{Me & my baby sister Hannah}
After the shower we all headed back to my parent's house for dinner. It was nice having everyone together for family dinner. I even got the best foot rub from my dad! These preggo feet were very thankful!
Sunday morning Ethan and I went to church and grabbed lunch at Newk's. That's seriously our favorite place to eat now and I'm so excited that they're opening up one downtown near where I work! Woohoo! Of course, we rushed home so Ethan could watch the final day of the Masters!

{Jinx getting in on the action}

{Me, getting in on my own action..}

{Also found out that my belly is now big enough to be a shelf. Convenient, I tell ya!}
The rest of Sunday was a lazy bummy day! I got a few loads of laundry washed and that was about it for my activity. I just wish I would have actually napped when I had the chance! Of course, the highlight of Sunday was the premier of Game of Thrones! The opening episode was great and I hate that we have to wait a-whole-nother week before the next one! {Guess Netflix has spoiled me..}
That's it for the weekend! It was rain, cleaning, and a lot of lounging around! :) Charlotte's crib is getting delivered this week, so I know next weekend will be putting her crib together and painting her dressers! Eeek! Baby clothes in my closet and a crib in my house! I might lose it from all my excitement!
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  1. I am SUPER jealous of your gorgeous view!! So pretty!!

  2. hahaha that last picture is hilarious. can't wait to see charlotte in all those little outfits either!

  3. Sounds like a fun, relaxed weekend. Charlotte's little outfits are so cute! Thanks for linking up again this week.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I love the tummy shelf picture lol. Charlotte will look so adorable in those little outfits!

  5. Haha love the tummy shelf! Too cute!

  6. Relaxed weekends are the BEST. Don't get me wrong; I love being on the go, but sometimes it's nice just to dedicate a weekend to unwinding. Cute post! :)

  7. Came across your blog on the link up! I love the name Charlotte :) Congratulations!!

  8. You look beautiful at your shower! Love that you have little girl dresses in your closet and the name Charlotte is one of my favorites. xoxo