Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Charlotte's 3D Ultrasound

Things we learned at Charlotte's 3D ultrasound:
 She's still a girl.
She has hair.
She's a stubborn one.
She's snug as a bug in a rug in my left hip, facing my tailbone. No amount of poking, prodding or jiggling phases her.
She loves her hands and they are constantly {and I mean constantly} right beside her face.
The caffeine and sugar in a Starbucks S'mores Frappe puts her right to sleep.
We can't wait to kiss those squishy lips!
She's the most beautiful girl in the world. {Of course, I may be biased ;) }
Seeing her makes me even more impatient to have her. I can't wait till she makes us a Family of 3.


Special thanks to Shonda at ShoMe Prenatal Imaging. She was so kind and patient with us and our stubborn one, especially since we came back two extra times to try to get better images. If you're in the Pensacola area, I definitely recommend ShoMe Prenatal Imaging for early previews, gender reveals, and 3D/4D ultrasounds!
Image Map


  1. Yay!!! She is the sweetest, prettiest girl! Sounds like she is a lot like our little boy, too! Hands in the face, snuggled up, not willing to move. Where did these stubborn babies come from? ;)

  2. She's gorgeous like her mama!! Those pouty lips are just too cute!

  3. What an exciting thing to be able to do and be able to see your little girl sooner! She's absolutely beautiful (no surprise there) and I can't wait for you to finally have her in your arms!

  4. Wow 3D is really nice. I never got one when I was pregnant, but they're amazing. Only 2 months and some change before you get to meet her!

    liz → {sundays with sophie}

  5. Those 3D ultrasounds are amazing! She is precious!

  6. Precious moments!!!!! Sweet, sweet stubborn girlie!! xx

  7. Yay, can't wait to "meet" her via all your outlets when she arrives :)

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