Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 30


how far along: Goodbye 20s, Hello Week 30!

due date: July 20, 2015

appointment update: Everything on my end is looking good according to the doctor - passed all my 28 week blood work and my blood pressure and weight are still good. We were concerned about Charlotte's heart rate for a little bit when the doctor was listening to it. Apparently her heart rate was in the 170s, while it should be from 120-160. We had been laughing and chatting right before and when I get excited while talking, I know she reacts to me, so I took some deep breaths trying to calm her down. We got it down in the 130s, but then it spiked again, probably because I was stressing that it was so high. Again, took some calming deep breaths and we got it to stabilize for over a minute. My doctor talked to me about preterm labor and what to do if something were to happen. It's absolutely mind blowing to me that "I'm there" - like she's talking to me about this because it could happen! She'll be seeing me every two weeks up until I'm 36 weeks, then it's every week until I give birth!
size of the baby:

{What to Expect app}
baby is: Her skin is getting smoother and her brain is getting wrinklier {to make way for all that essential brain tissue!}! She's also strong enough to grasp a finger! My heart may literally melt the day she grasps my finger!

{Ovia app} 
movement: She's doing this new thing with my belly that makes both the sides come up, but my bellybutton go down. It looks totally weird.
total weight gain: I've hit the 30 mark. Yikes.

stretch marks: Still on my tatas, and possibly now on my booty. Though I'm not sure if the booty ones are real or varicose veins? Regardless, I'm still lathering on the stretch mark cream day and night.
symptoms: Indigestion picked up this week, along with overall tiredness. I've also started to see mild swelling by the end of the day, but my ankles are back to normal by morning.

wedding rings on or off: On during the day; off at night.

belly button in or out: More and more of the top part is starting to pop out. It'll be a complete outie by the time I'm done for sure.
maternity clothes: No new purchases here, but it's all I'm wearing.
sleep: I ditched the pregnancy pillow. I know, you can all pick your jaws up off the ground. Right now I'm good as long as I have this tiny pillow between my legs. I'm able to get in bed SO much easier and I'm able to flip side-to-side easier. So far it's working for me, except my cat thinks it's his job to prepare me for motherhood by waking me up every 2-4 hours at night lately.
missing: Taking time off from work. This sounds silly, but me and Ethan are totally the type to take off random days and go down to Orlando for a Universal trip. We've both been saving up our days, so we really haven't been taking time off like we're used to.  It'll all be worth it once Charlotte is here and I've got a full 12-weeks of paid leave with her.
cravings/aversions: Coke Icees are my jam again. I've had two this week.
cries: Had a total mom cry session in my car driving home from my baby shower. This song came on the radio that had nothing to do with babies or children, but talked about "summertime, 19, you and me" and how the girl is "California beautiful" with her long blonde hair. And all I could see was my Charlotte at 19, coming home to visit us from college and how stunningly beautiful she is. So random, so weird. I could just see all her milestones passing by so fast and watching her grow up to be such a beautiful woman. It didn't make me sad to see my baby growing up. It was a proud cry and how excited I am to watch her grow.

nursery: Now that we've had our 1st shower, things are getting full! Like, we have diapers now and a wipe warmer on her dresser. Craziness. We also ordered the ottoman part of her glider this weekend once we got gift cards from the shower!
ethan is: a funny bunny. I wish I would have taken a picture, but after the shower on Saturday, as I'm unpacking and storing all her new things, I've got Ethan unboxing random things like her stroller fan, which he now has clipped to her nightstand, reading all the books she got, while rocking in her glider. Oh, that man. He makes me laugh!
best moments: Our 1st baby shower and being able to spend time with Ethan's parents while they were in town. We had Joe Patti shrimp one night with all Ethan's family, got to visit some of the Parade of Homes homes, and had our traditional Chinese food night too!

not so best moments: I'm getting super frustrated at our house progress, or lack thereof. Right now the Title Company, Appraiser, and Bank are all arguing about our legal description and we can't close until they agree on it. Come on, PEOPLE! I'm not getting any less pregnant these days..

looking forward to: Taking my maternity pictures and a nice 4-day weekend thanks to Memorial Day!

next appointment: Regular appointment - May 28th!

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  1. You look so cute! I ditched the pregnancy pillow too - I was so over that thing! So close! Xo

  2. You look fabulous, lady!!!!! And your cry moment was so sweet!

  3. Yay for filling up the nursery with all the baby things! So exciting! I hope everything gets moving again with your house soon!

  4. I'm sorry that your running into problems with the house not moving forward. Your crying moment is so so sweet. It's funny the things a song can make you think of.

  5. Daddy reactions to all the new things are the BEST! Love it so much. And music gets my mama tears going every time shame! xxxx

  6. I love your section on cries! It is so real - these hormones are no joke!!

  7. Totally forgot you were building a house. I have a friend closing on a house tomorrow and her husband thinks they'll have the new one cleaned, moved, he'll golf on Friday and then be ready to party on Saturday. Uh huh!

  8. I am not prego, but Coke Slushies are my jam too! You are so cute, just a little longer and you will be meeting your little one!

  9. Loved reading this update. You looks great! She's almost here!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle