Monday, May 11, 2015

Parade of Homes & My {kinda} 1st Mother's Day

Florida's weather has been so kind to us lately. After weeks and weeks of April's showers, we've finally got our May flowers and sunshine! Spent my Friday with my mom and Taylor at the beach. It was such a gorgeous day! So thankful to have every other Friday off!
When Ethan texted me asking what I was up to - here's how I replied. He said "rough life." Hey, somebodies gotta do it! We saw dolphins once and played in the waves once it got super hot!

Saturday we had a follow-up 3D ultrasound since last Saturday Little Miss was Little Miss Stubborn. I increased my water to a gallon a day in hopes that the increase in fluid would help up get better pictures. It kind of worked. She's still snuggled in my left hip, mostly facing my tailbone, but with a little finagling {see picture} we were able to catch a few glimpses. Seeing her little face made me and Ethan that much more excited to meet her. We looked at baby pictures of me later and think she might take after me more. We got to see her practicing her breathing and blinking {really kind of creepy to see..} and confirmed, yet once again, she's a girl!

{A little U/S yoga to get a clear picture!}

{She's got her hand covering most of her face, but you can make out those little lips and nose!}
After the ultrasound, we headed to the Parade of Homes with Taylor and Colin. A lot of the houses were the same ones that were on the parade last year, but the few new ones were exciting! Like our very 1st Arthur Rutenberg we got to explore!

{The Rutenberg}

{Seriously.. put me there.}

{Loved this bedding display - future home idea!}

{2015 Dream Home}

{Ideas for our new house}

{How cool is this coffee table?! Those are chairs that pull out from underneath!}

{Colin in the ridiculously long bathroom/hallway.}

{Gorgeous ceiling - idea for our future home!}
Sunday was Mother's Day. I kind of consider it my 1st Mother's Day even though Charlotte isn't here yet. I've been carrying her for nearly 8 months, so I think that has to count for something! :) We finished painting her dresser that morning and then headed to lunch with my parents and siblings at Cracker Barrel. After lunch we headed to my Grandparent's house and made a visit by our lot!

{Future home of The Macarthurs}
This is our lot that we're hopefully breaking ground on in the next month. We close within the next two weeks! We were able to walk through our floor plan on Saturday while we were at the parade and it made everything so much more real! We've walked through our floor plan before and even signed our contract in it, but now that we've picked out everything and we know closing is right around the corner, it was so exciting and I could envision myself standing there, holding my baby girl.

{Mom & Hannah}

{Mom & her Girls}

{Mom & her Kiddos}

{Baby Sister}

{My Mother's Day gift from Ethan}

{Grandma getting some Walker snuggles}
Sunday night we moved Charlotte's dresser back in her room and added her drawer knobs. With the dresser painted and the bedding in, her room is starting to come together. I sat in her glider for awhile just looking around thinking in 10 weeks {give or take} my precious little girl will finally be here. It was the perfect ending to my 1st Mother's Day. I'm so excited for next year when I can actually hold her in my arms. 

{Nursery Sneak Peek}
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  1. I love looking at model homes!!! -- Those beach photos make me long for some sunshine!!!

  2. It sounds like the perfect first Mother's Day weekend! I can't wait to see your sweet girl's nursery. I love the fabric in the sneak peek!

  3. That house! It's gorgeous, I wish we had a house like that, and the pool!!

    And of course your a mama! Pregnant still counts!

    I can't wait to see Charlotte's nursery! And I'm definitely not biased or anything, but girls are so much fun ;)

    Liz → {sundays with sophie}

  4. That house is amazing! I love the necklace that you got for Mother's Day.

  5. That house is gorgeous!! Love the front, and that wood ceiling is amazing! So exciting that they are breaking ground soon for your home! LOVE that necklace with Charlotte's name, so precious!

  6. Oh wow that home is gorgeous and your mother's day gift is just so sweet! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. that is one beautiful home!! And that necklace?!- what an awesome gift!!! Oh next year, life will be so, so different!!

  8. They came to you for the ultrasound - that's different!

    Glad you enjoyed your "first" mother's day - there's plenty more to come! :)

  9. Those homes are gorgeous and I love the grey headboard and bedding set.

  10. That coffee table is everything!!! I hit up the beach this weekend too!! :) Good luck on the closing!

  11. Parade of Homes sounds like so much fun!! I can't wait to see Charlotte's full nursery reveal, I love that fabric on top of the dresser!

  12. Oh my. That coffee table is amazing. Such a wonderful use of space. Happy first mother's day. I absolutely think it counts. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  13. Love the gold bar necklace! I just bought a few for some gifts and I'm thinking about buying one for myself as well! Have a wonderful week!

  14. Your lot looks awesome!! This is soooooooooo exciting! I think next time we'll do new construction. It's going to be so great to really customize your home! Thanks for linking up.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle