Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shi.. Er.. Stuff People Say // Pregnant Edition

Let's face it. People these days have no filter. It's like they left their brains at home. I, on the other hand, kind of did leave my brain at home. It's called pregnancy brain and it's a real thing, people. But this isn't about me. It's about the stuff people have said to me while I'm pregnant. These are true life events.
  • Me - "It's a girl!" Them - "Oh, you might want to get a second opinion on that. My husband's/brother's/cousin's/aunt's/neighbor's daughter was told she was having a girl and 9 months later, {insert little boy's name} was born!" - Got this one from multiple people.
  • "You're not drinking caffeine? That's ridiculous. I've never heard of that. I drank caffeine with both my kids and they're fine." - Research suggests that excess caffeine in the 1st trimester can cause up to a 25% increase in miscarriage.
  • Two weeks ago (29 weeks): "Oh my gosh, look at you! You're finally starting to look pregnant!" One week ago (30 weeks)(Same person as 29 weeks comment..): "Oh, you're aren't going to make it to July. You're definitely having that baby in June." - I've gone from one extreme to the next apparently.
  • "Katie, you're looking real pregnant today. It must be the stripes on your dress." - Or maybe that all maternity clothes are just tents and the 30 pounds I've gained isn't exactly "slimming."
  • "I probably shouldn't tell you this until after you've had the baby, but... my brother's/cousin's/neighbor's/aunt's {fill in the blank..} daughter just had a baby and that poor baby was born with {insert medical trauma/complication/defect/etc.}, but I'm sure you're baby is fine."
  • "You look swollen."
  • "Your nose looks bigger already. You know that's a sign the baby's getting ready. You know, like how a meat thermometer pops when the turkey is cooked, you're nose pops more."
  • "Your lips look bigger."
  • "You aren't going to breastfeed? Good for you! Don't let anyone shame you into breastfeeding if you don't want to." (Same person, 2 minutes later) "You're not getting an epidural?! {Insert snide "I've had a baby I know what it's like" look} You'll change your mind, sweetie." - Isn't this reverse shaming?! What's wrong with saying "Good for you. I wish you the best with that."?!
  • "Well, when I was pregnant with my first {20-something years ago}, we did {insert 1990s advice}. - Oh, the 1990s advice I've gotten.
I told my doctor some of these at my last appointment. She told me to take other people's advice with a grain of salt. I told her I'd take it with a shot of tequila if I could. We both just laughed. Oh, goodness. People, I know you all mean well, but come on.. cut the pregnant lady some slack. ;)
** These comments were made to me and all responses were made internally by me. I'm a nod my head and smile kind of girl. And most these comments have been made by the same 4 people. Bless their hearts.

What's some of the ridiculous stuff people have said to you while pregnant?! Or are you guilty of saying something ridiculous? Come on, spill the beans! ;)

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  1. Oh goodness I think I'm going to have a hard time keeping my mouth shut if I ever hear those things when pregnant...I will at the very least be giving them the bitch please look.

  2. Hahaha wow, I will never understand how free people feel to say anything and everything to a pregnant woman! Ummmm what ever happened to "I'm happy for you!" and otherwise keeping your big mouth shut?? ;)

  3. I'm only 15 (and a half!) weeks along and I've already heard some of these. Multiple times I've expressed to someone how excited I am to find out the sex next week (!!!) and multiple times people have said something along the lines of "well, just don't get your hopes up. It could be wrong. My cousin/sister/friend's gender reveal ultrasound was wrong." Way to kill my mood people! The epidural one kills me too. I've told a few mothers that I don't necessarily want an epidural until I can't take the pain anymore and EVERY TIME I'm told, "just wait, you'll change your mind." Like you, I just nod my head and smile. Some people really need a filter!

  4. Oh, goodness! All preggers ladies need a pink bubble around them that only lets in happy words. Also, "good for you" for planning natural L&D!! I labored and delivered epidural-free as well! I have a whole section on what worked for me if you are looking for strategies :)

  5. When I first announced my pregnancy, I had someone say, "I can't wait to see you get fat!"

    And, I suppose I can take full responsibility for this one, but when I was very pregnant, my husband and I went out to eat one night. He got a larger sized beer (it was one of my favorites) and all I wanted was a tiny sip, so I grabbed his giant beer and took one sip. You should've see the looks I got from the tables around us.

  6. I can only imagine! While I haven't said anything nor am I pregnant, its pretty interesting to see the people who make the comments!

  7. Oh boy, I've had my share of those comments lately particularly the first one. What is it with people and always having to have an input? You're really strong to have been able to only internally comment back...I would have had trouble keeping my mouth shut!

  8. Have people really said this to you!?!?! RUDE. That's the only reason I hated being pregnant, people commenting and making comments all of the time. Like being pregnant is an invitation to lose all manners. As for the breastfeeding, DO NOT let anyone shame you into doing it or not doing it. That is 100% you.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  9. Ugh, how annoying!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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