Thursday, May 7, 2015

That Post about Me and the Number 4

I'm 99.9% sure you've seen this post around, but blame it on my blog friend Libby {Health, Love & Fire} for me actually playing along! ;)
Four Nicknames: - Katie - just about everyone.
- Kate - strictly my mom.
- Sugar - my grandma.
- Katie Loo or Katie Bug

Four Jobs I've Had:
- Grandparent's Yard Girl. I still hate the smell of fresh cut grass because of this job.
- Office Assistant
- Administrative Assistant (Promotion #1)
- Director's Aide (Promotion #2)

Four movies I would/have watched more than once: 
- Clueless. Fav movie, hands down.
- Lady & the Tramp. Fav Disney movie.
- Mean Girls. Because duh.
- Can't Buy Me Love. Young Patrick Dempsey. Yes, please.
Four concerts I've been to: 

- One Direction & 5SOS
- Backstreet Boys
- Hunter Hayes
- Luke Bryan

Four books I would recommend:
- The Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts. Technically a series, but so good!
- The Time Traveler's Wife
- Twilight Series. Yes, I'm one of those people.
- Anything by Angela Hunt. The Pearl, The Note & The Debt are all favorites.

Four places I've lived:
 Well this one's boring for me. While I've moved houses, I've never actually left my hometown!

Four places I've visited:
 - Mobile, AL for our Anniversary
{Side note about this picture.. we didn't know if we were pregnant at the time it was taken, but joked that this could be our 1st family picture. Hence, the smiley ball by my belly and my laugh! I either got pregnant the next day or a few days later}

 - Our cruise to Roatan, HondurasBelize City, Belize, and Cozumel, Mexico

Four things in my purse right now:
- Tissues. Because I never know when I'm going to cry these days or get a nosebleed.
- Golf tees. Because my husband thinks my purse is his purse too sometimes.
- Disney tickets. Sigh, wish we were there right now.
- Baby Girl's ultrasounds. No safer place than tucked in that secret zipper! Ha!

Four favorite foods:
- Sushi
- Chick-fil-A
- Coke Icee
-  Egg Rolls

Four TV shows I watch:
- 19 Kids & Counting
- Game of Thrones
- Teen Mom
- Property Brothers

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:
- The arrival of our Baby Girl!
- Building our home!
- Moving into our home!
- Baby Girl's 1st Christmas!

Four things I say all the time:
- But what if..
- Seriously though..
- Look at this bruise!
- My blogger friend so-and-so said..

Four blogs I think you should follow:
- Taylor @ His Wife. Our Life.
- Alexis @ Life as the Wards
- Elise @ Cheers Yall
- Diana @ Wonderfully Made
Hope you had fun getting to know me a little better with this random Thursday post! Thanks for the tag, Libby! I had fun reliving some of my favorite posts!
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  1. Yay! I always love reading this! Glad you didn't mind that I tagged you :)

  2. These are always fun post to read!! Love your concert pictures---the BSB one made me laugh!!

  3. Fun!! I'd love to see Luke Bryan in concert. He's a hoot! Sushi and chick-fil-a...yes!!!

  4. I love that I'm not the only one still watching the train wreck that is Teen Mom! I'm also constantly finding myself saying "But what if..." and I always seem to have something of my boyfriends' in my purse!