Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 33

how far along: 33 weeks

due date: July 20th

size of the baby: Most my apps say she's around 17-18" long and weighs about 4.2 - 5.8 pounds! I can totally tell she's getting heavier because the pressure on my bladder when she moves is unreal! I swear I'm going to the restroom every 30 minutes.
{Ovia Pregnancy App}
baby is: keeping her eyes open when she's awake and is starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. Although, poor thing must not be very good at this because she gets the hiccups all. the. time! It's ok, baby girl, mommy can't drink water without choking on it. I blame it on a "faulty epiglottis"! ;)
movement: I affectingly call her Baby Hulk and Ethan finally got to see Baby Hulk in action this past Saturday at the pool. She was going nuts - stretching to one side and then quickly to the other. You should have seen his eyes!
total weight gain: Thought I could hold off to that "next number jump" for one more week.. sadly I didn't! I'm hitting the scales at 190 these days. I honestly never thought I'd be able to say that.. ::insert huge, wide eyes::

stretch marks: Booty, breasts, and watching a suspicious area on my left hip. I have Ethan inspect underneath my belly where I can't see; he says he doesn't see anything. Regardless, I'm lathering on my "chocolate lotion" (as Ethan calls it) every morning and every night!
symptoms: My poor, poor feet. They hurt so bad. Fatigue is starting to set in more and more, along with my lower back starting to feel the pressure of being really pregnant.

wedding rings on or off: On during the day; off as soon as I get home.

belly button in or out: Out.
maternity clothes: I caved and bought another really cute dress at Old Navy on Saturday night. I can't help it! All the cute summer stuff is starting to come out and I'm having cute clothes withdrawals! It was on clearance for $12, so that kind of makes it ok! ;)
sleep: Getting worse by the week. I guess it's just God's way of preparing me for the newborn stage and lack of sleep.
missing: Cute clothes, sleeping well at night, and a back that doesn't feel like it belongs to a 90-year old.
cravings/aversions: Iced coffee. So much yum.
cries: I've reached that point where I can literally cry at anything. Lord, please help Ethan.

nursery: After last week's major meltdown about how much the lack-of nursery progress was stressing me out, me and Ethan really focused this week on the nursery and I feel so much better about it. Most of her clothes have been washed, folded and put away, along with a new rug that completely ties the room together. Now I just need to find a couple prints that I like for her walls and get those hung. Our next baby shower is the 23rd, so I want to make sure I've got everything put away that I can so when the next load of stuff comes in, I won't stress!
ethan is: I feel like I say this every week, but he's so ready to meet his little girl. I just keep thinking about the birthing process and freak out. I'm scared, but he reassures me I've got this and I'm stronger than I think.
best moments: 1. We FINALLY closed on the construction loan portion of our house! Our next step is waiting for the results of the percolation test on the lot and then scheduling/having the pre-construction meeting, which is the last meeting we have until they break ground! 2. The weather this past weekend was unbelievably gorgeous. I got to enjoy 2 glorious days by the pool and work on my tan! 3. I got a sneak peek of a little something I ordered Charlotte!

not so best moments: Literally all the stress built up from closing. Originally we were scheduled to close on a Tuesday, then Wednesday, then finally we were the last appointment on Friday, which even that was super stressful because the bank forgot to inform the title company that we'd be bringing an additional down payment check to closing, so the title company was unaware of that and called us literally 2 hours before closing telling us we were short for our closing costs. After an hour of stressing, phone calls to literally everyone we've worked with, and lots and lots of prayers, we found out it was just a miscommunication between the bank and the title company and we weren't short a lot of money. Now everything is signed and done on the bank end of thing and our packet should be making its way to the builder to get this next leg started! Hallelujah for not having to work with the idiots at the bank anymore!

looking forward to: Our 5th wedding anniversary on the 12th, finishing up the nursery, our last 2 baby showers (23rd for work and 27th for my friends), and then officially being on "baby watch!"

next appointment: June 11th (Regular Checkup)

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  1. Sophie used to get the hiccups all of the time! Kyle always said it was preparing her to use her lungs for screaming when she was born. I think you look beautiful, even if you're pushing 190. I gained a ton of weight when I was pregnant but I did lose all of it, so don't fret. And what a week, glad you were able to close on your house!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  2. I've heard those baby hiccups feel funny but people wouldn't trade them for the world!

  3. I adore those sweet little hats! I may have to order one for my baby girl as well. YAY(!!) for closing on the house! You have so many exciting things coming up!

  4. You're looking so great! And I agree with Morgan, I may need one of those hats too! I just love it!! And you're definitely not alone when it comes to freaking out about the birthing process, I've started to get those thoughts too! And it's terrifying! But you'll be great girl!

  5. You seriously look great! Fresh and glowing!! Why is the damn scale so obnoxious?? I had been doing pretty well in the gaining department but this week had a 4 pound jump! Holy hell I hope that doesn't happen again! And I'm entering numbers that hurt my ego!

  6. I totally understand the frustration with the bank. We are doing a full renovation of our house and have a new born. But all will workout in the end. It's worth it.


    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  7. Happy 33 weeks and wedding anniversary! Congrats on closing on your construction loan. We took a break from our house hunting because the process was just way more stressful than we imagined it would be. However, now that we've decided to build the madness starts all over again with looking for land lots in our favorite neighborhoods.

  8. Ahhh I remember the hand feature on my pregnancy app :-) now I have little hands grabbing at my phone nonstop ;-) hope your last few weeks fly by!