Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 34

how far along: 34 weeks! I've reached 8.5 months!

due date: July 20th

appointment update: My appointments lately have been short, sweet, and to the point! My blood pressure is still looking great and I've been able to watch my weight gain really well over the past month or so. Baby's heart rate was in the 150s and the doctor commented that she's an active one! She was kicking the Doppler wand and had the hiccups at the same time. I got back again during Week 36 and after that EVERY WEEK! Holy cow.. is this real life?
size of the baby:
{What to Expect App}
baby is: recognizing and reacting to simple songs, if I'm singing them! Which is absolutely crazy to me that she's listening to us! I do have a song from elementary school that I sing a lot, but not necessarily to her. It's about "seeing the wiggle worm" which is what I call her because she wiggles around all the time!
{Ovia Pregnancy App}
movement: She's my little wiggle worm and has an attitude to match! I also affectionately call her "baby hulk" which Ethan hates because it's not feminine, but she'll literally "hulk" out to one side and stay that way making me look all lopsided and off! Haha!
total weight gain: So since Ethan started dieting and eating right again, I've been eating right with him {so much easier just to eat what the healthy one is eating rather than grab take out..} and I've actually lost weight! Back under 190! Woohoo!

stretch marks: Same ole, same ole.
symptoms: Fatigue - 1. Katie - 0. I feel like I'm the driver of the struggle bus this week. Also noticed some "weird" clicking noises coming from my belly. I've googled like crazy trying to figure out what it could be, but basically everything says it's normal and could be anything from my ligaments stretching to the baby sucking her thumb. It doesn't hurt, but it's weird to hear. I even cleared this with my doctor and she said she's never heard of it, but it sounds like it's normal and nothing to worry about. Cool thing is that Ethan got to hear it! He says it sounds like my ligaments stretching and popping. It doesn't hurt, so I'm not going to worry about it, but has anyone else experience this?

wedding rings on or off: On during the day; off at night.

belly button in or out: Out. Which might I add is the weirdest thing ever. My poor belly button.. I really hope it goes back to normal afterwards!
maternity clothes: All day, every day. Oh, and Ethan's t-shirts! Haha!
sleep: Not good. Not good at all. Probably the reason I'm driving the struggle bus.
missing: I totally got skipped over for the wine list when we went to dinner for our 5th anniversary. Haha!
cravings/aversions: Salt & Vinegar chips and iced coffee. Together or separate.. I love them the same!
cries: Any commercial that I've never seen before that's supposed to pull the heart strings.. it'll make me cry, but once I've seen it and I know it's coming, I don't cry. Oh, and the Season 5 Finale of Game of Thrones. Holy tears..

nursery: We've hung pictures on her walls now and we purchased her changing pad, so the dresser portion/side of the room looks really good! Really all that's left are a few finishing touches!
ethan is: getting really excited to meet Charlotte! He's been asking me a bunch of questions relating to contractions and labor and water breaking and all sorts of things of that nature. I think I freaked him out a bit over the weekend, because he really, really wants me to get my hospital bag completely packed and in the car along with the car seat being installed. We're getting to that point in the pregnancy where the doctor said she wouldn't stop an active labor, and while we don't anticipate Little Miss coming early, it could happen.. ::insert shocked wide eyes::
best moments: Happy mail day! I received her swaddle and matching hat this week! Isn't it precious?! I'm so in love and can't wait to see her all snuggled up in it!

Also, we took another silhouette picture! The picture on the left is me at 32 week 5 days, and the picture on the right is 34 weeks 5 days. While I can say my belly is definitely bigger - do you guys think I'm dropping some? I know with the added weight it's bound to start "sagging" soon anyway. But what constitutes dropping versus sagging?
not so best moments: Apparently greasy food does not sit well with me anymore.. felt so gross after having fried chicken for lunch. Going to pass on that for the next 6 weeks!

looking forward to: We have two baby showers next week!

next appointment: June 25th! This is our last "every 2 weeks appointment." We start going weekly after this one!

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  1. I love your swaddle and hat! I don't think Etsy existed when I was pregnant with my daughter. My hubby got very lucky or I would have bought ALL the baby items. I do also think you are dropping! So exciting!

  2. You are looking so great girl! I feel like you, and we are on the struggle bus together this week! For whatever reason I just feel more exhausted and emotional this week. I thought my hormones were supposed to get better. I can't believe you're so far along and that she could actually come at any time! I cannot wait for you to have your little girl in your arms!!

  3. that swaddle and hat - to die for! And you are looking precious in those silhouette pics!! Love!

  4. I love that she reacts to you singing! That is so incredible.

  5. omg that hat and blanket..I am dying! SO precious. I would love love love a little girl some day for all the sweet and ruffly things :-)
    And you are not alone in your game of thrones heartbreak..I have to share, my husband has been obsessively researching (because supposedly John Snow is actually a Targaeryn?) and has rewatched that final scene a solid ten times and claims he 'saw john's eyes change color, he isn't really dead, you just watch'. Not sure if his arguments are valid, or if he is just trying to pacify his heartbreak ;-) Either way, that scene had the tears/shock in full force!