Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Humpday Bumpday // Week 35

how far along: 35 weeks! The last week of Month 8!

due date: July 20th
size of the baby:
{What to Expect app}
baby is: Charlotte now has fully-developed hearing and will respond to high-pitched noises, according to my The Bump app. I've actually found this one to be true. She's jumped at noises before that I think scared her! She's still growing, growing, growing along with my uterus which is now about 1,000 times its original size! {OMG!}
{Ovia Pregnancy app}
movement: Yes, I'm convinced those sharp little knees, heels, and elbows are actually going to bruise me from the inside out! I actually told Ethan I missed the days when her little flutters were all I felt! Those moments where you go "was that the baby?! Eek!!" Don't get me wrong, I love feeling her move. It lets my Momma heart know she's doing A-Okay and I'd rather feel her moving, squirming, kicking and punching than not!
total weight gain: Still managed to stay right under or right at 190 for another week. I read in the What to Expect book that it's normal for most moms to see little change on the scales at this point.

stretch marks: Closing out Month 8 with stretch marks on my boobs, bum cheeks, and three tiny lines forming on my left hip. I've been using my Palmer's Stretch Mark cream religiously and feel like while it didn't prevent stretch marks, it did help keep them smaller than if I hadn't used any cream. I honestly feel like the cream has faded some of the older ones that I got first. I'll continue to use the cream until I see zero marks!
symptoms: My hands have started to fall asleep at night along with my joints feeling like I've got arthritis. I assume this is all normal since the hormone Relaxin is probably flowing through me by now, but I'll ask my doctor at my next appointment.

wedding rings on or off: Oo.. changes in this section! I've found that a couple days this past week my hands were too swollen to wear any rings at any time! Right now I'm just wearing my wedding band. For some reason when I pair my engagement ring with my wedding ring it makes things tighter!

belly button in or out: Out, out, out.
maternity clothes: All day, every day.
sleep: Not good. I obviously have to sleep on my sides, but then my hand and hip will go numb/fall asleep on that side then I have to roll over to my other side. It's a never ending process at night. Poor Ethan.
missing: Good sleep, obviously.
cravings/aversions: Got the craving for a good-ole American ham and cheese sandwich. I threw the "processed deli meats rule" out the window and caved. It was amazing.
cries: Have you ever listened to the lyrics of "Isn't She Lovely"? Like really, really listened to them? Oh. My. Gosh. I saw the lyrics written out for the first time this week and cried, literally cried over them. To make things even more ironic, I just purchased some prints for Charlotte's nursery and one of them says "Isn't She Lovely." I wasn't planning it at all, just liked the coordinating set. Now I'm on a mission to learn that song so I can sing it to my sweet girl.

We also saw the new Disney Pixar movie "Inside Out" this past weekend. It was cute and did have some slow parts, but the beginning of that movie should never be watched while pregnant. Not 5 minutes in and I was boohooing my eyes out.

nursery: We've got our last baby showers this upcoming week, so I'm really really hoping I can share the whole nursery next week or early July! I'd love to be able to share it before she makes her grand appearance!
ethan is: my handy man, sweet husband extraordinaire! He got dragged into Michael's with me this weekend. Poor guy.. But he's put handles on her dresser, painted her book shelf, and hung her gallery wall this week. He's knocking out his daddy to do list like a champ!
{Ethan on his kinda 1st Father's Day picking out his new drill to do all his nursery projects!}
best moments: Making it to 35 weeks {aka the point of no return in my doctor's eyes} and not having a baby! Isn't that weird of me to say?! I honestly want her to stay in until July, and preferably until the weekend before her due date! :) She's also got a car seat in Momma's car now! Ahh! And celebrating Ethan's kinda 1st Father's Day!

{35w5d at the pool}
{Made pancakes for Ethan's 1st Father's Day}
not so best moments: Little Miss really freaked her Momma out this past week. During the week she normally wakes up with me - I'll start to feel her when I'm brushing my teeth, but definitely by the time I get in the shower. I was to the point where I was blow drying my hair and still hadn't felt her move. And since I had been asleep, I couldn't tell you the last time I felt her move. I had to drink a large glass of chocolate milk and lay down for 10 minutes while rubbing my stomach to get her to stretch a little. Even then she wasn't making the movements that I wanted to see since she's normally a wild woman in the morning. I grabbed my water bottle and headed to work with the intention of drinking all my icy water and if she didn't move by the time I got to work, we were headed to the hospital for a stress test. Thankfully, the cold water really got her moving and we didn't go to the doctor. AND she definitely made up for her lack of movement throughout the day. But still, that scared me so bad!

looking forward to: Her last two baby showers and finishing up her nursery! And hopefully her Coming Home outfit getting shipped!

next appointment: June 25th for my 36 week checkup! After this it's every week we're seeing the doctor!

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  1. AHH! 35 weeks! You are getting so close! I get so nervous when I haven't felt Charlie Beth moving for a while, but I have to remind myself that at 20 (and a half!) weeks it is perfectly normal for her movements to be inconsistent. Your girl must have been soundly snoozing in there. I'm glad she perked up for you and you didn't have to go in to the doctor.

  2. You are so adorable with your pregnant belly in that swimsuit. For real adorable. I can't believe how close you are. I feel like you just announced that you were having her.

  3. I can't believe you are at 35 weeks! It seems like you were just announcing! Ugh, I'm going through your not so best moment right now and am at L&D. She just wouldn't move at all, of course they hook the monitors up and she starts moving. The nurse told me that's common and that the babies don't like the monitors and that makes them get going sometimes.

  4. You are looking fabulous girl!! 35 weeks is always that happy number when it comes to healthy pregnancies :-)

  5. Look how big that hand is!!! I was thinking week 30 looked like a big hand! You're so close to full term, mama! And still looking great!!!

  6. You look wonderful! I'm 37 +4 today and I've been really excited about being so close to meeting our little boy. I'm due July 12th but because of my BP they've scheduled me for an induction on July 5th. I'm praying he'll come on his own before then so that I can avoid an induction but the Lord has this baby's birth story written. Knowing this I'm trying to be flexible. Congrats and hang in there! You're in the home stretch!

  7. I am IN LOVE with her name :-D Due date is sneaking on up here, isn't it!? Yay!!

  8. Gorgeous!!!!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo