Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Making Macarthur Manor // Preconstruction Meeting

So who's sick of seeing fence pictures? ;) Sorry, just can't help myself! Ethan did such a fantastic job! Literally one week, by himself, self-taught AND he saved us over $2,000! Although, no one try to hire him. He's literally not interested in building another fence for a looong time! Haha!
Yesterday we had our preconstruction meeting with Donnie! It was a great meeting where we were able to look over our plans and make sure everything we've requested was there on the plans! We looked at the exterior, front and back, then the electrical plans, then the house plans, complete with the flooring selections and upgrades we picked.
All-in-all everything looked good and I think we're only changing a couple of things. We're going back to having the bedrooms at 9 feet, instead of 8, and we're going to go ahead and upgrade the vinyl in the kid's bathroom and laundry room to tile, and look into having my sink mounted another way. All small changes that shouldn't upset our timeline!
Speaking of our timeline, we asked Donnie if realistically it was safe to say we could move into the house by Thanksgiving this year. He did some counting on his fingers and very confidently said "oh yea!" He also said once the drywall is hung, he can give us a within 2-week estimate of when we will get to move in. So, from the sounds of it - as long as we have good weather and everything runs smoothly, we could possibly be in the house in October! Which is super great because I'll have to go back to work in October!
Right now our permits are all approved and we've got an appointment on Tuesday, July 14th for the plumber to come out and start our plumbing right before the foundation is poured! So pending good weather and all, we should have a foundation sometime late next week! :)
And maybe a baby somewhere in between! ;)


  1. yay!! Continue keeping us posted! I love your content right now...babies and homebuilding! :)

  2. New commenter here :) This is all so exciting! My husband and I are also building a house, but we're being told that we won't close until December. And with us living in Michigan, I'll just go ahead and say January ha. We signed our purchase agreement in May but they won't start digging for a few more weeks, gahhh I'm so impatient! I want it now lol. So many exciting things happening for your family and I'm so excited for you and your husband! btw--that fence looks awesome!

  3. This is so exciting! I am so glad it's all finally coming together and you're able to start seeing progress!

  4. Yay!! That's all such exciting news! Your husband did an awesome job on the fence.

  5. Yayay! Its moving right along - and judging by your picture, you guys got yourself quite a bit of land :)

  6. omg!!! he saved you over 2K! that is outstanding! looks fab lady.

  7. The fence looks awesome! It will be so nice for you guys to be in by the holidays!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle