Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Charlotte's NICU Stay // August 3

August 3 will forever be one of my favorite days with Charlotte.
8 days after her traumatic birth, we were finally able to hold our little girl.
From my IG: 8-3-2015 // So this happened this morning. And if this doesn't make you believe in God and miracles, I don't know what will! // Psalm 30:5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
From my IG: 8-2-2015 // Eight total days we went without holding our sweet girl. Eight days made up for in less than 5 minutes. My love tank is full. ♡♡♡ // This morning was a crazy, fast, busy one. Yesterday we missed her 1st messy diaper and passy action and that broke this Momma's heart. I told E that we needed to get to the hospital earlier than we normally do because obviously during her morning assessment monumental things happen. Monumental doesn't even cover this morning. We walk in, just after 10 am to her doctor, respiratory therapist and nurse all standing around watching her sats. Her doctor smiles at us with a good morning and a "she's off her Jet." I said, "I'm sorry. What?" He shrugs and smiles and says, "she wanted off of it. She was ready." Mind you we've been told the past few days that she needed to be at room level oxygen before this could happen and she was at 27% when we called for our morning update! He calls it "listening to your patient." Another 10 minutes goes by with all 5 of us watching her sats soar. He says she's ready to come off her other ventilator. My heart screamed with anxious, excited, nervous, thrilled reactions. He ordered a chest xray and the cannula to be ready. Her chest xray looked great, minus a small upper corner that wasn't inflating as it should. From there we watch the doctor extube her and we heard her cry. The most pitiful, raspy cry ever. My heart melted in a puddle. From there she was hooked up to her cannula and started a breathing treatment. Not 20 minutes later, she was in my arms! And we were both on Cloud 9. I could have held her forever, but I had to give her up to her Daddy due to my pumping schedule. I always knew seeing the two loves of my life together would melt me. And boy was I right. There's nothing quite like seeing your husband hold your newborn daughter for the first time. Seeing the look of love in his face; seeing what our love made. I'll never forget this day and I know 110% that God was in control of it from the beginning. She's our miracle from God and He fulfills His promises. // Next post will have prayer requests!  

My IG post basically recounts the whole morning, but there's things missing I want to remember. I want to always remember her doctor's mischievous smile when he told us she was off her jet. Oh, how we loved Dr. H! He was always the one to tell us any news with a positive spin. The other doctors were wonderful too. Don't get me wrong. But they all seemed to be more oriented to her numbers, while he was more oriented to her. I don't even know how to explain it, but I honestly feel like he loved our Charlotte. And even when he told me we'd get to hold her that morning, he told me he would be 3rd in line after me and Ethan to hold her. We all laughed, but he was serious. Because when I came back from lunch I found him holding her. He was draped in a hospital gown and he had our girl snuggled to his chest. It warmed my heart to know even when I wasn't there, Charlotte was being loved and taken care of.

Charlotte's breathing treatment post extubation is some of my favorite photos too. We'd never seen her sit up like this and listening to her little raspy cries could never get old.

When they told us we could hold her I told Ethan she needed a hat on. And of course this particular morning I'd left both her hats that were normally in my bag in the car. Thankfully Ethan is amazing and without hesitation ran downstairs to get them. Which in itself was an ordeal because you have to buzz out of the 3rd level NICU, go down the elevators to the 1st floor, go out to the parking garage, come back, get buzzed back in, and re-scrub in at the washing station! All this because I wanted her to wear a hat! :) Worth it. Totally worth it.

{One of my favorite pictures}

{1st time wearing clothes}

From my IG: 8-3-2015 // Our Little Love is about to have her long awaited, long prayed for MRI. Please pray she tolerates being moved and messed with, as well as for good results. This test will look at any structural damage her brain has and will give us a much more detailed view of her brain bleed. God is good and He's working mightily. Let's petition His throne and ask that they see nothing bad on her MRI. He's the Great Physician and with just one touch of His finger, she can be completely healed. I believe it and claim it!

{Sweet Girl at 8 days old}
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  1. I love those pictures of you and Ethan holding your sweet baby for the first time! Your strength is so amazing! I'm so glad you're documenting all of this so you can remember it, now that the ending is a happy one!

  2. I love that you're posting all of this! It has me in tears every single day as I remember following your journey and praying for your sweet baby girl! She is nothing short of a warrior and proof of God's power!

  3. What an exciting time to relive!! I loved that you said those eight long days were nearly earsed when you got to hold your little girl for the first time. What a special moment. Glad you're going back and recounting those first few weeks. I get teary eyed reading all of them.