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Charlotte's NICU Stay // August 4 - August 21

{{My apologies - this is a super long, tons of pictures, not many words kind of post. I'm so ready to get over my blogging blah-ness and start doing present day blogging again. So this is my attempt to get Charlotte's NICU days behind me!}}
August 4, 2015
{One of my absolute favorite pictures of Charlotte}
From my IG: 8-4-2015 // I was reminded a few times today how much of a miracle our sweet baby is. A lot of her nurses that took care of her early last week we're back on tonight and each one had to stop by and see our little fighter. They all oo'ed and awe'd over how good she looked and how much progress she's made in 9 days. I like to think she's everyone's favorite NICU baby! // Later on when we were driving home, Ethan asked what her birthstone is. Her birthstone is the ruby, one of the most precious stones. And I know I'm taking this out of context, but I love what the Bible says in Proverbs 3:15 "She is more precious than rubies." I know in my heart that she is a precious, most precious gift from God! // Today's progress was slow. Nothing really new or exciting happened like yesterday's extubation, but we did pray that Charlotte get her rest and that's most definitely what she got today. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers! Of course we can't "see" the healing that's going on inside her little body, but I know God is touching and healing her. Right now her main prayer requests are for her liver to get better so her jaundice will clear up and for her digestive system to continue to improve. She's tolerating her feedings really well and she's been upped to a full ounce every 3 hours! Thank you so much to every one that continues to pray for her. It means the world to us that everyone loves our baby enough to keep praying for her!

August 5, 2015
8-5-2015 // What's in a name? The Bible says in Proverbs 22:1 A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. We had Charlotte's name picked out before she was born and didn't look at the meaning until after we had decided it was her name. Charlotte Reese basically means "fiery little one." At first we joked.. oh no! What are we naming her? Little did we know she'd need all the fight she could get! I only cried once today and they weren't sad tears or happy tears exactly. They were thankful tears. One of her doctors was talking about how remarkable of a little girl she is and basically how she shouldn't be alive. It's taken me 10 days to process it and finally understand that my little girl shouldn't be alive today. By the great Hand of God and His mercies only, she's here and she's still fighting! All praise, honor and glory to God for everything He's done these past 10 days! God has touched her and He's touched her amazing medical team. We are truly blessed to call her ours. // Updates for today: She's currently at room level oxygen and 2 liters of pressure. This was a big step because now she can be weaned off her feeding tube and try being breast fed. The feeding probably won't go well, because she doesn't know her mouth can be used for good things. Poor thing has been poked and prodded her whole life, and doesn't know there's such a thing as "good touch." Tonight's attempt at breast feeding will be more bonding than eating. Please continue to pray that her liver start functioning more and her digestive system and feedings continue to progress. Also, pray for her brain still. We don't have MRI results yet, and the results of them won't effect her until she's developing more, but she's still got a brain bleed that doesn't need to spread further. Thanks to all that pray for her. You're such a blessing to us all.

This is the result of our first attempt at breastfeeding. She nursed, gagged, then spit up on me. I felt like a real mom at that moment.
From my IG: 8-5-2015 // Wearing my badge of honor. I've officially been spit up on by Charlotte. The breastfeeding went better than expected! I now stink, but my Momma's heart is happy! :)

From my IG: 8-5-2015 // I want to remember you this small forever. I love you, Charbaby! ♡♡♡
August 6, 2015
From my IG: 8-6-2015 // Sweet girl has had such a busy morning already! She's been held by both of us, practiced breast feeding with Mommy, puked on Mommy again, lost her cannula and PICC line, and got her baby massage techniques from her therapist! Mix in a few feedings by her feeding tube (now moved to her nose) and a couple poopy diapers and now she's snoozing away now! It's hard work getting better! // Prayer requests for right now - pray her breast feedings with me get better. She's latched a couple times, but because she has a feeding tube down her throat and a strong gag reflex, every time she latches she's gags and eventually spits up on me. She has to be feeding good before they'll let us take her home! Not that there's a date/time set for that, but feedings are a hurdle we need to jump!

Ethan made fun of me for this picture. But we'd never really seen the back of her head. He later said it was the cutest back of the head he'd ever seen.

From my IG: 8-6-2015 // I had a good day today! Lost my cannula {and handling my room oxygen like a pro!} and PICC line today, so other than my feeding tube and O2 sensor, I'm wire free! Hopefully the pesky feeding tube comes out soon, but my feedings need to get better with Mommy before that happens! Please pray I start latching properly without gagging and spitting up! I know Mommy would appreciate not smelling stinky! ;) And we'd all love for me to come home!

August 7, 2015
From my IG: 8-7-2015 // Charlotte's doing really good. And it feels good to finally be able to say that. We chatted with our favorite doctor last night and he called her "Level 2." Level 3 is for critical patients; Level 2 is for nurturing and getting ready to go home. It's bittersweet. We've loved all her nurses and doctors on L3, but one floor down means one step closer to the door. And Charlotte's two smitten parents {and just about anyone else that meets her} can't wait to get Sweet Girl home. Charlotte has been sleeping alot the past two days. Her doctor thinks it's great because you do most of your healing while asleep. We think she's just finally enjoying being able to sleep without alarms going off around her at all times. Now that she's L2, Mom and Dad will get to be more hands on with her. She'll stay there until she understands how to feed. We're having to take a step back with feeding because Charlotte has such a strong gag reflex. Most babies in her situation that were immediately intubated have strong mouth adversions from the trauma. She has to learn and trust that breast feeding, bottles and passies are good. Her feeding is the only thing keeping her from being home. I've seen God do mightier things than heal a strong gag reflex, so I have no doubt she'll overcome this. Please pray her gag calms down and she takes quickly to breast feeding or a bottle. Thank you to all who have been praying. Charlotte is living proof prayer works.

Getting all our stuff together to transfer down to the Level 2 nursery. There was so much excitement that she was moving to Level 2. We felt like she'd be home in no time. It was so bittersweet moving. Level 3 was so much nicer and she had 1 on 1 care with her nurses. I'll never forget her awesome nurses and doctors for all her care in Level 3. They were simply amazing, caring, and so supportive.

From my IG: 8-7-2015 // Ok, so my last post about graduating to Level 2 was butterflies and rainbows. And while it's an awesome thing that she isn't considered critical anymore, this is my honest post. I hate the communal room. It's depressing with 9 other babies crying around you and you're in close close quarters with the other families. I miss our Level 3 nurses and our private room. I know in my heart being Level 2 is a good thing. She's one step closer to home. We've come so far! Basically what I'm saying is y'all pray extra hard Sweet Girl figures out her eating. I want her home more than ever now.

I had such strong emotions about being transferred to Level 2. I cried so hard. I hated leaving her in a room full of babies. I felt like she wouldn't get the care she needed. Of course, that wasn't the case. She was cared for wonderfully while in Level 2.

August 8, 2015
From my IG: 8-8-2015 // Good morning! After two days of being a sleepy head, we got to see Charlotte very awake and active. She was yawning really big, sucking on her hands and rooting around a little. Right now the doctor has taken away her two-a-day bottle or breast feedings to help settle her gag reflex. While this feels like a step back, we know it's best for her. She'll be reassessed again tomorrow. Her hand suckling and rooting are very good signs. Please continue to pray for her gag reflex to settle down and for her feedings to continue to go well with no spitting up. This picture was taken during a little catnap she took during her feeding tube lunch!

From my IG: 8-8-2015 // Raise your hands if you're ready to give feeding another try tomorrow! Today was a slow, restful day. The doctor suspended Charlotte's attempts at breast feeding or bottle feeding to give her gag reflex a chance to settle down. We're hoping the day off was successful! She did wake up alot more today around feedings, rooted around, and sucked on her hands more. All good signs! Ethan and I got discouraged today at her failed attempts at eating, especially since this is her last obstacle to conquer before heading home. But we were reminded of everything she's been through and how insignificant of a hurdle this really is. God's still working on her. He's fine tuning her healing. We just have to be patient and trust what the Great Physician is doing. Please do continue to pray for her gag reflex to settle down and that she take to feeding by mouth easily.

{My mom's 1st time holding Charlotte}

August 9, 2015

From my IG: 8-9-2015 // Still can't believe we get to call this miracle ours. She's so brave and such a fighter, and most definitely a child of God. I don't know how we got so lucky. // Today was good. Huge milestone with her taking the bottle and eating 10 mils! Such an answer to prayers! She gets to try again soon, so please pray she's awake and alert enough to take the bottle and eat the same, if not more milk than she did earlier! Also, she had a bit of bloody urine earlier. Her kidneys are still recovering, so the doctor didn't seem too concerned, but they've ordered a lab to monitor it. Please pray it's nothing serious and just residual blood from earlier. Still not sure when we'll get to take our girl home, but I know we're one day closer! Please pray it's not many more days.

From my IG: 8-9-2015 // This Little Love just took 10 ml from a bottle! Woohoo for a huge milestone! Even her Nurse Practitioner was impressed! We call this "pulling a Charlotte," it's where you do huge milestones by leaps and bounds almost effortlessly! So proud of her! We get to try again next shift, so everyone pray she continues excellent work on the bottle and maybe even double the amount she eats!

From my IG: 8-9-2015 // Our Little Love is 2 weeks old today! You've come so far, Charlotte! I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

August 10, 2015

From my IG: 8-10-2015 // I strongly believe God sends you things when you need them. Today I'm "not feeling it" anymore. I'm tired and frustrated and, quite honestly, a bit pessimistic. We're on Day 15 with an end in sight we can't count. Right now our going home hinges on a little girl learning how to eat. A little girl that's very content with sleeping during feeding time and allowing her feeding tube to do all the hard work. But back to God sending you what you need. When you need reassurance, He sends you a friend that tells you her prayer life has increased because of your baby. "It's worth it," God whispers. When you need a hug, He sends you a friend that sends you a sweet present and words of encouragement in the mail for your baby. "I'm here," He whispers. When you need a smile, He sends your baby's social security card in the mail. "She'll be home soon," He declares. I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter how hard your day or how stressful your situation, God's there for you. He knows. He listens. He cares. God knows my baby is sick and I just want her home. God hears my prayers and pleas. And He cares so much about her that I can rest easy knowing He's watching over her at night. Honestly before I started writing this post, I knew it'd come across as cynical. Because that's how I was feeling, but God has a way of changing your heart. Good night my sweet praying friends. Charlotte may not have made a huge amount of progress today in her feedings, but there's always tomorrow and who knows what God has planned for her then. ♡

From my IG: 8-10-2015 // We're missing Daddy like crazy today while he's back at work! But we're working extra hard with our therapist! We've learned a new gum/mouth massage to try to settle her gag down and had bottle attempts increased to every time she's awake for a feeding. Right now the therapist wants more experience with the bottle versus volume. We don't want to sneak attack her with it. She needs to be used to it and recognize the bottle as a good thing. Charlotte still has a huge learning curve with the feedings, so please continue to pray for feedings to go well. Also, her labs came back this morning and while her kidneys are still recovering, they aren't the major concern. Her major concern is her growth and weight gain. The doctors are doing to discuss a plan for her later, so please pray they have wisdom when it comes to what supplements she needs and doesn't. The slightest of wrong decision can hinder her healing in other areas.

August 11, 2015
From my IG: 8-11-2015 // Today, God told me to just be thankful she's alive. She'll come home when He's done with her. And the peace I've had all day from that is refreshing. Especially after yesterday's feelings of lostness. My whole heart is in this photo. I call them my Love and my Little Love. And I feel complete when I see them together. One day I know we three will be cuddled up in bed watching Saturday morning golf. I'd say cartoons, but let's be real here. :) // Today Charlotte did better than yesterday with her bottle feedings! We just need her awake and alert and she does great! Her gag reflex is calming itself everyday and she now can handle her passy and bottle with little to no gagging consequences! Thanking God for answered prayer! Had an interesting chat with her doctor today. Basically she looks good on the outside, but her internal numbers are completely wrong. Her sodium is off, her proteins are up, and other things I honestly can't remember. She'll have more labs done tomorrow morning. Please pray the doctors have wisdom when it comes to discerning what her issues still are. He told me he's never seen a case like hers and his instincts tell him one thing, but he really doesn't know for sure what to do. Charlotte has made leaps and bounds in her 16 short days, but she still has some healing left to do and still needs all the prayers she can get.

 August 12, 2015 

{Grandma's 1st time holding Charlotte}

From my IG: 8-12-2015 // I can't help it! I have the world's cutest kid! All the heart eyes for this little one! // Today was an excellent day in my books for Charlotte! Although it started early with a phone call that if we didn't bring more milk up by 8 am she was getting formula, it is ending with my stockpile of frozen milk being located in the freezer! Hallelujah! I was starting to stress about my supply! We started our morning with snuggles, our daily assessment, bottle feeding, and a visit from the doctor! He's very impressed with her progress and is pretty sure all her internal numbers that are high are the residual effect of all the transfusions and early care she required. He thinks most of her issues right now can be treated by outpatient. He was also very impressed with her gag reflex and bottle feedings. Sweet Girl took a bottle at every feeding and drank anywhere from 6-21 mils each time! She always eats less when I'm the one to feed her. And I think it's because she's starting to recognize me and just wants to look my way! Right now her biggest concern is still eating, but today was 1,000 times better than yesterday, so I'm super excited to see what tomorrow brings! Doc did mention a guesstimate on when she could go home and he thinks, maybe just maybe, if she continues the way she has and doesn't plateau she could go home late next week! Oh how happy my heart would be! :) But for right now, I'm content with her finishing up her healing and working hard every day to make sure she's 110% ready to go home! Please continue to pray for her feedings and gag reflex, along with her protein, sodium, calcium, and electrolyte numbers to straighten out!

Once Ethan went back to work I settled into a pretty good routine. Every morning I was at the hospital by 10/11, would hold her a little bit, talk to the doctor during rounds, pump, then head to lunch with whoever decided to keep me company for the day. I liked to feed Charlotte her bottles, so I was basically up at the hospital from mid-morning, to 9/10 p.m. every night.

August 13, 2015

From my IG: 8-13-2015 // This girl. ♡ // I got the best text from my Mom while she and my Dad were visiting with Charlotte tonight. Mom got Char to take 40 mils from the bottle! That's an all-time new record! Of course they were sending me pictures while me and Ethan had dinner with friends and I was totally "that mom" looking at pictures of my kid and missing her at dinner. Today's progress was just that.. another day of progress. Her doctor warned me this morning that her feedings had been progressing well, but to expect and not get discouraged by a plateau that she'll hit soon. And it's almost like in true Charlotte fashion she said, "Ha! Watch me 'plateau'!" She's still got a long way to go with feedings before she can go home, long way as in she has to take a full bottle (70 mils) at every feeding (every 3 hours) for 24-48 hours. I'm not saying she can't catch on quickly, but I'm also not getting my hopes up that her "light bulb" has finally clicked. Please continue to pray for progress in her feedings and that she not plateau. Her doctor also chatted with me about her kidneys. She's still got electrolyte, calcium and protein issues that will follow her for years to come. We'll have to meet with a urologist later and I pray nothing seious has happened to her kidneys and that they will recover perfectly. Doc believes her internal numbers will straighten out, but doesn't know the extent of the damage done to her organs. But that's something we'll have to deal with down the road and honestly I'm not too concerned about it. God's not done healing her. Everything could turn out just fine. No sense in worrying about it now. // Now for a strange request - I've had several people comment telling me where they're praying for Charlotte from and it gives me chills to see people as far as Belgium comment and say they're praying for her! So, if you're reading this - please comment where you're praying from and if you have a church praying for her, leave that name too! We appreciate all the prayers so much and I want to see how far her little light has shined! :)

{Aunt Taylor's 1st time holding Charlotte}

August 14, 2015
From my IG: 8-14-2015 // This is the face of a Little Love that's quite proud of herself! It's like she knows I got a great update from her doctor this morning. Doc says he's really impressed with her. Her feedings are continuing to increase and he thinks she'll get out of here soon! No specific date, but I'll take "soon" anyday! He also said his theory that her internal numbers were so off because of all the blood products she received early on is actually the culprit and more than likely right! This morning her protein level is down along with her sodium and electrolytes! Praise God for answered prayers! He also said she's a very social baby, very alert and awake. He said she knows when I'm supposed for be up at the hospital and she's waiting for me. Which obviously made my heart explode! Oh, my girl. I love her so much! Right now he said her main issue is gaining weight. She's not growing like she should so she's getting oils for extra calories and her weekend feedings will be extra fortified. All in all a wonderful morning update! I'm so proud of my girl and so thankful that God is blessing her with healing!

From my IG: 8-14-2015 // So many prayers being answered. I can't even begin to thank God enough for Charlotte. She's literally such a miracle. Why God chose me to be her Mom I'll never know, but I feel pretty special that He did! Today Charlotte continued to increase her feedings. Just from yesterday she's basically doubled what she eats at each feeding. The most she did today was 55 mils (almost 2 oz)! She's just got to finish out the remaining 20 mils and she's eating a full bottle! Also her protein levels are looking better and more of her other levels are starting to straighten out. Her morning doctor was very impressed with her again today! His biggest concern with her now is her weight gaining. She's lost weight the last 3 nights and she barely over birth weight at nearly 3 weeks old. It's time she starts gaining weight. Please pray she gains healthy weight and continues progressing with her feedings! Thank you to all that pray for her. I know I'll never be able to personally thank everyone, but do know it means the world to us and we are eternally grateful for all the prayers, love and support!

August 15, 2015

From my IG: 8-15-2015 // Sweet Girl ♡

From my IG: 8-15-2015 // Oh, my Heart. I could stare in those eyes of yours forever. And I'm pretty sure the day I get to stare at them at 2 in the morning in your own bedroom is coming soon. I've never looked forward to no sleep more than I do now. Soon, Sweet Girl. Soon! // Today Charlotte hit a huge feeding milestone! She took a full 70 mils bottle! Of course it was my Mom that did it. I have no clue how she does it, but she's always the one to make Char take her bottle to the next step! Now she needs to continue to take full bottles for 48 hours and she can go home! Of course I'm not expecting her to do this immediately, but a day or two of averaging 50-70, then consistent 70s is totally doable! Her issues are still her feedings and gaining weight. She keeps losing weight, but the doctors have added oil to her milk and a fortification packet, so hopefully she starts plumping up enough. She also has more labs on Monday, so please keep that in your prayers. So in a nutshell - feedings, weight & labs!

From my IG: 8-15-2015 // THIS WOMAN! She got my baby to take a FULL bottle! Eek! She's got super Nana powers or something! I hope this is a sign for more good things to come! Oh, my heart is so happy right now!

From my IG: 8-16-2015 // You're 3 weeks old today, my Little Love. And you've come so far. Today I read one of the nurse's reports on you and was reminded of just how sick you were. Sometimes I reread your earlier updates. They help me remember how far you've come when I'm starting to feel frustrated. This isn't how I imagined your first 3 weeks of life, but I'll take it any day over you not being here. Last week the doctor suspended your oral feedings. I remember feeling so frustrated, but here you are 1 week later and you've taken a full 70 mils bottle twice. Do this all day and you've got a ticket home. Also, your gag reflex is basically gone, although you do choke every now and then. But I believe that's just genetic. Your Mom chokes on her water all the time. Just ask Dad. Things are looking bright for you, Baby. Just today your nurse mentioned the hospital discharge classes that parents can take. This is the first time anyone's mentioned that to us. Small thrill for me and your Dad. We're hopeful you go home this week. Dad is super confident, but I'm more reserved. I just don't want to get my hopes up. But when you do come home. My heart will sing and the part of me that I have to leave at the hospital every night will be with us and make our life complete. My Sweet Girl, I love you so much. You're my sunshine. My whole world. And I'm so thankful for you. xoxo

From my IG: 8-16-2015 // After a rough morning of bad feedings reports and more weight loss overnight , THIS is a welcome sight! My first COMPLETE bottle with Char! But only with the coaching expertise of one of her nurses! Now that we know she can do it, we just have to make her do it!
August 17, 2015

From my IG: 8-17-2015 // My sweetheart did so good last night! She gained weight and averaged 45-60 mils with each bottle! She's being weaned off two supplements to see if her kidneys will start functioning on their own, so please pray for progress here! She just had almost a full bottle with me at 12, so that was great! Gotta keep up all this good hard work and we can go home!

From my IG: 8-17-2015 // Post full bottle Mommy & Char snuggles. So thankful to be this little one's Mom. // Today's bottle feedings went well. I think her "worst" bottle all day was 16 mils shy of finishing. Every day her averages are increasing. I really feel like it's only a matter of days until she's taking a full bottle every time. We got to see her favorite doctor today. He's really happy with her and is taking her off two supplements and making me eat more salt and less potassium. Bring on the bacon, he says. She also gained weigh last night which is wonderful! She finally back above birth weight! Please do continue to pray for her feedings and weight gain, along with her electrolyte levels. She's on the up and up, but I want her up and home! :)

August 18, 2015

Oh, you little cross-eyed baby! You used to freak your dad out when you made this face! He's super happy you grew out of this!

From my IG: 8-18-2015 // Today was filled with ups and downs. Some frustration and some happiness. The doctor still isn't happy with her weight gain progression and would like to try other options on her like adding protein supplements to her bottle, but since her protein levels are too high already, that's not an option. And yes, she's taking bottles pretty well now, so that's good, but it's hard work and makes her burn calories and not gain weight like she should. It's a catch 22. Speaking of her bottles, she now averages at least 50 mils a bottle and finished one completely today. One of her feedings was at the breast and that was the best moment of the day. She took to it naturally and nursed herself to sleep after 45 minutes. We got to go in the private nursing room and for a little bit it was just me and her. It felt natural and as close to "home" as we could get. It wasn't her glider in her room at home, but it was her and me rocking in a red vinyl rocker alone. And I loved every minute of it. Granted, you cant measure how much she ate, so that's why while she's in the NICU I prefer the bottle for consistency. But as long as they offer me the option, I'll take that special bonding time. I feel like in this process of her getting better, every 3-4 days I go through the feeling of being over it. Today was one of those days. Me and Ethan both need prayers for strength. It's very taxing mentally, emotionally and physically and we're on day 23 of this journey. I pray this sweet baby can go home soon. I want to be our family at home. Tomorrow Char has more labs that will determine some future plans for her. Please pray her neurologist and other specialists have wisdom when it comes to these decisions. Also please continue prayers for her feedings and weight gain. God's not done with her, I know that. So until He is, I'm going to continue to pray hard for my baby.


From my IG: 8-18-2015 // Ok, so I know I already (and just) posted a photo, but Little Miss pulled out her feeding tube (it'll get replaced again later) and this is the first time I've seen her face free of stuff! She's so cute! Wish I were there to kiss all over that nakey face! :)

August 19, 2015
{First time doing tummy time}
From my IG: 8-19-2015 // I could not be more proud of this little girl if I tried! She did amazing today with her feedings! Right now she's on a FIVE full bottle feeding streak! If she makes it through the next 3 feedings she's done a full 24 hours! We feel like the whole feeding thing may have "clicked" with her finally. You have to work with her still and be patient, but it's leaps and bounds over what she's been doing! Please pray for her night feedings that she does well. They've been lower than normal the past two nights, so please pray for extra patience and persistence for both Charlotte and the nurse feeding her! Also she's been spitting up every couple of feedings, while this is semi-normal, it makes her lose her valuable calories and lose weight. We need a good chunky baby to go home! :) So in a nutshell, we need 1) good feedings tonight, 2) no spitting up, and 3) good weight gain for tomorrow morning! If we continue like this, she's totally on the right track to going home!

August 20, 2015

From my IG: 8-20-2015 // Notice anything different?! ;) Last night Charlotte was able to take all her full feedings by bottle and she gained 2 ounces! Yay for very major milestones! Today she kept up her full bottle streak and now has lost her feeding tube! It could easily be put back in, but for now she is showing she doesn't need it! I'm so, so proud of her! She's gone through so much and continues to amaze everyone! Funny story about the feeding tube - me and Ethan left for dinner during shift change and when we came back, I immediately started changing her dirty diaper. I had been with her at least 5 minutes when Ethan walked and in and noticed something very obvious that I didn't.. Char's feeding tube was gone!! I couldn't believe I didn't notice it! Guess I was too occupied changing her diaper and not having her scream! Haha! Today had another first - it was the 1st time any doctor has seriously talked discharge with us! IF Char continues to take all her bottles by mouth, gains weight and continues to thrive we could go home as early as Sunday!! So, please continue to pray for 1) good feedings, 2) no spitting up and 3) weight gain! I can't believe there's actually an end almost in sight! All praise, honor and glory to GOD for His healing Hand throughout this journey! He's blessed us with a miracle baby!

{That swirl. Oh my heart! It's still there, but not as prominent as this picture!}

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