Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Tree Hunting

We went Christmas tree hunting at Bailey's Farmer's Market on December 3. It was amazing! Their selection of trees was great, the weather was gorgeous, and it definitely put us in the Christmas spirit! Our original plan was to buy a real tree this year, and buy a really nice artificial one after Christmas when they go on major sale. But.. we loved our real tree so much, we've decided to make tree hunting a family tradition!
We were a little late in the "tree picking game," so we've promised ourselves that next Christmas we are buying our tree the day after Thanksgiving to make the holiday season last just a little bit longer!

This is not the cute outfit I had planned for her to tree hunt in. Girlfriend had a major blowout at Nana's house right before we left. I'm just happy my mom had this cute onesie at her house!

And some post tree hunting, pre tree decorating belly laughs with Daddy!

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  1. You made the right decision. Real trees are the best! Picking them out, and the smell, and just the nostalgia.