Monday, January 11, 2016

NYE 2015

How's about some grainy iPhone photos to recount NYE 2015?! Haha! I promise one day I'll actually break out a real camera. New Year's resolution for 2016... nah! 
We made reservations for dinner downtown at Global Grill. It's a super yummy tapas bar that until super recently I'd never been to! We girls had fun dressing up, but not so much fun wearing heels that we were dying in by the time the Pelican actually dropped! {{New York does a glittery ball drop at midnight, Pensacola does a glittery pelican drop at midnight!}}
{Sarah, Taylor, myself, and Katie}
All our fabulous makeup jobs compliments of Katie! We had so much fun all getting ready together that I totally forgot to get some pre-dinner pictures! Oh, and we were running a little late because we had to drop Charlotte off at my Mom's house. Thanks, Nana, for a baby-free night!

Dinner was, of course, delicious! Me and Ethan split two appetizers and shared a steak. The whole meal was pretty pricey, but so delicious, it's totally worth it!

{Literally just noticed our crazy photobomber..}

After dinner we went to O'Riley's to hang out. We really didn't have much of a "game plan" for the evening. Pretty much what happens when you let the guys plan NYE, but the table and chairs at O'Riley's were much appreciated by my feet! We stayed there just long enough to rest our feet and wait till it was a little closer to midnight for the Pelican Drop.

{Seriously.. us and photobombers.}

{At least I like this photobomber!}

Everyone crowds in the best they can to watch the Pelican Drop. We didn't really care to watch it drop, but figured since it was only 15 minutes until midnight, we'd stay just for midnight, then make a mad dash for our cars to beat the traffic. The plan worked pretty well and we didn't get stuck in crazy traffic. Afterwards we all met back up at our house where we all changed into comfy clothes and hung out till around 2.

{A little rain can't bring us down!}

Ok, so there is one picture that a "real" camera took. This guy was walking around asking if people wanted their pictures taken for his website. We thought it sounded fishy, but smiled instead. The picture is actually pretty decent considering it's midnight, it had been raining, and we were all dying to get out of our "fancy" clothes! ::insert laughing crying emoji::
Maybe next year I can convince everyone we need to do a NYE cruise.. because duh! And if I've learned anything from looking back at these pictures, it's that there's a photobomber in every single group shot.. Oh well. It was still a night full of fun and friends!
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