Tuesday, January 5, 2016

'Tis the Season with Charbaby

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This year being Charlotte's 1st Christmas, I was determined to make the most of the season!
We wore festive pajamas to bed every night! These little red polka dot ones will forever be my favorite on her! Char even wore them to Sunday night church with a cute little green bow! Ha!

We decorated our first real Christmas tree! It was ridiculously big, but it made Ethan so happy, how could I ever let him get a smaller one? That sucker was 10 feet tall and was inches away from touching our 11 feet ceilings. Hello, Clark Griswold. Also, I spy last year's Christmas card which will always and forever will be a favorite of mine. Another tradition we added this year {because Baby's 1st Christmas is a perfect time to add family traditions} was to always frame our Christmas card! Wish I would have taken a picture of this year's card before we packed everything up!

We have a giant wreath to go above the fireplace next Christmas! Thank you after Christmas décor sales! ;)

One of Charlotte's 1st Christmas ornaments! We ordered it from Lil Stinker Designs on Etsy and I couldn't be happier with the quality or the cuteness!

Special Christmas flowers from a dear, sweet friend while we were stressing about Charlotte's CT scan. Praise God everything turned out to be A-Okay with our little! So good, in fact, that she doesn't have to have a follow-up MRI! Which makes my heart sing because I was never comfortable with the idea of sedating Charlotte. Right now we're weaning her off her seizure medicine and watching her hit milestone after milestone. My precious miracle baby!

Getting some Christmas reading in!

Oh, my sweet girl who has the cutest gummy smile.. who looks like an awkward 3rd grader in her picture with Santa! Haha! At first she was NOT having the whole "sit in Santa's lap" thing, until Santa's helpers distracted her and slowly backed her into Santa's lap. She was none the wiser. I've come to find out that this is the look Charlotte gives strangers when they try to make her smile.

Looking rather adorable in her new fox hat while Mom and Dad do some Christmas shopping days before Christmas! Either she thinks we're crazy for shopping so late or crazy for being outside when it's so cold!

Ward Family Christmas dinner. Yummy food and good times with my Dad's side of the family!

Being the cutest little thumb sucker in church, wearing a dress I bought for her wayyy before she was born!


Not quite mastered the art of sitting up alone, hence Nana's hand ready to catch our little leaner..

Waiting for the results {{which were great}} of our CT scan and looking adorable while doing it!

{{Post doctor's appointment carb loading}}

Getting some Christmas Eve Eve snuggles with my girl in our matching penguin pajamas! Charlotte's not an overly snuggly baby, she's much to afraid she's going to miss out on something by closing her eyes, but when she does snuggle, my whole heart melts into one big 'ole pile of mush!


  1. She is just so stinkin ca-ute! Gracie doesn't snuggle too much either haha!

  2. Ethan did it right. If I don't have to cut off part of the top branch to get my tree inside, I consider it a personal failure.