Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekending || Home Decor & Grandpa's 80th Birthday

Another good weekend for the books.
Even though we really didn't "do" anything, time spent at home with Ethan and Charlotte is good enough for me!
Charlotte got some very special mail on Friday from the White House. We mailed President and Mrs. Obama one of her birth announcements a few weeks ago and they sent back a sweet little notecard full of well wishes. Definitely a neat little memento for her baby book!

That night we took Sporty Spice to dinner with us for a little sushi with my Mom, sister and her boyfriend.
{{Check out my Instagram for Cute Patoots laughing it up over Momma "fake coughing."}}

Saturday morning was super lazy. It was pretty gross outside, so we didn't want to venture out just yet with Char. She got a good mid-morning nap and once she woke up we headed out to do a few errands. We stopped by Academy for Ethan to get some new additions to his home gym and let Char try out a cute little pink bike! I can't believe one day we'll actually buy one for her and she'll have to learn to ride it!

I also convinced Ethan to come in Hobby Lobby with me to help me pick out some mantel d├ęcor. He didn't like the first stuff I picked out, so I told him he basically had to come in with me as I made my returns! I'm happy with the pieces we did pick out! Just a few more finishing touches and I think my mantel will be decorated just how I want it. Although.. I need someone to remind me to actually print pictures to put in the frames I bought.. I'm the world's worst at remembering that!

{Sweet girl is actually starting to show affection!! Eee!}

Saturday night we celebrated my Grandpa's 80th birthday! It was a lot of fun gathering at my Aunt's house for dinner with all my cousins and watching the babies play! Sadly I didn't take any pictures except for this one!
{Hannah, Walker & Grayson}
Sunday we went to church and then enjoyed a baby-free day thanks to my parents! I'm so blessed they love her so much and offer to watch her as much as they do! Me and Ethan got to grocery shop, meal prep, watch a little football, and nap!

We're currently both trying to lose the weight we've gained over the past year. I absolutely loved being pregnant, but it definitely took its toll on my waistline! We're one week in and we've both already lost a little! I've joined a DietBet online and have until January 31st to lose 7 pounds! I'm over halfway there, so I'm definitely feeling like I have a chance at winning!
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  1. Good luck on your weight loss journey! I too have been trying to loose the baby weight... but does it really counts since my baby is 2? Opps!

  2. Baby girl is so cute I can't even handle it! Glad y'all had a great weekend....and yay for 80th bdays! Such joy!

  3. Great job on losing weight & good luck with DietBet!

  4. She is seriously such a doll baby!!! So so precious!!!

  5. How cool that they sent that back! One for the baby books for sure!

  6. I've seen your IG posts, where di dyou get those black divided trays that you did one of your weeks in for food prep? And are they reusable??

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