Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life Lately

I meant to do a Weekending Recap. I really did. But Monday came and Monday went. And I thought well.. I've missed my chance to link up with anyone. Same for Tuesday. Whatever. I'll get back into the swing of things. I promise!
So since it's Wednesday and next weekend is as close as last weekend..
we'll just do a photo dump. Aka.. Life Lately.
Char is now almost 7 months old! And I've done 0 monthly updates.. Oops. For someone who kept up with weekly bump updates, I've sure slacked on actual baby updates! I do update every month on Instagram! You can follow me there at @klm61210. I've become quite obsessed with "micro" blogging on there!

This past weekend was such pretty weather! Highs in the 70s with a touch of a cool breeze! We grabbed a few toys and a blanket and hung out outside while Ethan washed my car. And by washed my car, I mean he deep cleaned, wiped, vacuumed, the works! My car looks ah-maze-ing! Thanks, Babe!


I just realized I've never done a house tour! Dang.. I'm such a blogger slacker. Maybe soon. We've GOT to hang some stuff on the walls like bad! That will have to happen before I go showing pictures! Haha!

All of Char's kitty dreams came true. See, we have a cat and he couldn't give two poops about Char. I think he feels like his place as "the baby" has been taken from him. I mean, he's right. It has. But he won't give her the time of day and is actually a lot sweeter when she's not around. Anyways, my neighbor's cat is the sweetest, most loving cat ever. And he gave Char the kitty attention she's always dreamed about. Her day was made. Granted.. we need to work on "petting" and not so much "pulling hair out." We'll get there.

Did you know they make baby Ray Bans?! Yes, for real. $60 baby sunglasses. I mean, she real cute. But not even Mommy gets real sunglasses. Sorry, Charleigh.
{Side note: we thought about calling Char "Charleigh" as a nickname. It never stuck while I was pregnant while "Char" did.}
I've been working on Shutterfly books like they're going out of style. I've knocked out my birth photography, Charlotte's newborn session, her 6 month pictures we just took {which I need to share because they're adorable!}, and now I'm working on her NICU book. Her NICU book is hard. I've had to stop a few times because it makes me sad. But then I come across pictures like the one below where I got to hold her for the 1st time at 8 days old and I'm so happy I have those pictures. She needs to see what God did for her when she was born. How He touched and healed her little body and gave the doctors such wisdom to treat her as best as possible.

Speaking of those 6 months pictures, here's one of my favorites! We'll call this a sneak peek!

Big Girl celebrated her 1st Valentine's Day with a photo shoot put on by her Mamarazzi. It went ok. I think she knows when I want to take adorable 1st holiday pictures and she acts like a total turd and won't smile. Out of the 40 pictures I took. This was the best one..

Oh, and don't even get me started on the tutu I made her. Thank God I didn't spend more than $12 on the supplies and about an hour making it. Because she was not feeling it. At. All.

Ok, that's enough for now. This has turned into a "how much random can I get in one post" kind of post.
Maybe we'll get back to a more structured, scheduled posting.
Just maybe. ;) 

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  1. I love your updates and seeing our little girls grow! I can't believe how old they are already and how much has changed in the last year! Wish we lived closer and could get them together for play dates!

  2. Look at her standing so well!!! She's doing better than Mabel lol!

    And that family photo OMG IM SWOONING

  3. she's so beautiful and sweet...with pink sunglasses she's so cool

  4. She's growing so fast!! I love her precious little smile!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. That's so sweet that the neighbor cat is so friendly. I bet he and Char will be best buddies. It took my cats a long time to warm up to Olive, but now they're buddies... 2.5 years after her arrival :) Your family picture sneak peek is gorgeous!! Can't wait to see the rest. I'm impressed with your snapfish books. I did a good job of blogging all the milestones, but have zero scrapbook evidence of them. Maybe one day I'll catch up.

  6. She has the sweetest little smile! She's such a cutie. :)