Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Charlotte Reese is 8 Months Old!

 Charlotte, you're 8 months old, Darling! And every day with you is better than the one before! This is by far the best age! You're like a sponge these days and you're learning so much!

This month was a big one for you! You became mobile! Which we knew was right around the corner, but it's still so much fun watching you figure out how to crawl. Sometimes you've got it and you can make your way across the room with ease. Other times, you need to pause every other movement. Or you'll have one leg up using your feet to crawl and the other side is using your knee.

You can pull up on anything and will pull up on everything. There's no plopping you in the middle of the rug anymore. Because you're gone! And you've made your way to the couch and you've already stood up and you're reaching for the remote. Never a dull moment with you, Kid.

You're my little ham in front of the camera. Seriously. I pull out my phone and you'll give me your closed mouth grin and tilt your head like you're posing. It's adorable. Other times you just want my phone and will lunge towards me.


Funny noises make you laugh these days. "Puppy says woof woof. Cow says mooooo." is one of your favorite things right now. Also watching anyone "get hurt." Toss a ball at someone's head - you're having a giggle fit. Pretend to fall - and that's hilarious!

 Speaking of favorite things. I've taught you to raise your hands around your head when I ask you "how big is Charlotte? She's SOOO big." And it's the cutest thing in the world. I remember your Aunt Hannah doing it when she was a baby and knew I had to teach you "so big!" You also can wave bye bye, clap your hands, and play peekaboo with a blanket.

You're chunking up these days! You've still in 6 month clothes, but certain brands are getting tight! You weight about 17 pounds now and are still in Size 2 diapers. You eat 6 ounce bottles every 3 hours and baby food and sometimes whatever we've cooked as long as it can be mashed pretty good. You can self feed Puffs and you're working on your "pincher grasp." 

You got your 1st ear infection/bad cold this month. It was horrible. One - because Momma was really sick too at the same time, so poor Daddy had to take care of both his girls! You got an antibiotic and it really helped you feel better! Even though we're still up to our eyeballs in snot these days! The Nose Frida has become our best friend, but you hate it!


I almost forgot! You got your 1st tooth this month on March 3! It's your bottom left and it's the cutest little tooth that I've ever seen! Haha! The bottom right has since popped through but technically that's an update for next month! You do not like anyone trying to look at or touch your teeth/gums. You will bat our hands down or turn your head! Momma just wants to see your new little tooth! 

You had your 1st Easter this month too! You met the Easter bunny and did not freak out! So proud of you! Momma was obsessed with your little smocked Easter dress. I'm going to have to make sure you wear those type dresses more often because you look stinkin' adorable in them! 


  You've stopped sleeping through the night, much to Momma's dismay. I'm not sure if you get scared, your teeth hurt, you're cold, or what.. but you tend to wake up once before midnight and then again around 2 a.m. Sometimes all you require is your paci put back in your mouth and a little butt pat, but sometimes you require full-on snuggles and rocking. It's ok, though. You need me and, even though it makes me super tired, I'm soaking up these moments while I have them.

Oh, my Funny Bunny. I hope you stay silly and wonderful. You're the best baby. So sweet and so amazing. Happy 8 months, Little Love! Momma loves you so very much! 

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

Get ready for Easter pictures galore! We had a long holiday weekend full of adorable baby snaps!
My mom took Charlotte to see the Easter bunny last week. Yay for no crying, but Boo she didn't look at the camera!

{Cute little ears they give out!}

{Haning out at Nana's house before seeing Mr. Bunny} 

Friday Ethan took off and we went to Foley again for some shopping. He really wanted a pair of shorts that J. Crew Outlet sells and I really was along for the ride and to check out their TJMaxx for some Rae Dunn pieces!

{Char playing peekaboo on the ride over}

{Me trying desperately to get a picture of her 1st tooth}

{Char feeling said "new tooth." This is her face 90% of the time now!}

{Major Rae Dunn Clay scores!} 

Friday night we went to dinner at Skopelos at New World Landing with Ethan's family. It was delicious and the restaurant is so beautiful I've decided 25 years in advance that Charlotte is getting married there one day. After dinner we headed back to our house for desserts. So yummy and this weekend was definitely a cheat weekend! I haven't eaten that much chocolate in months!

{Daddy's future golf buddy on Saturday}

{Celebrating Bella's 1st Birthday on Saturday} 

Sunday was Easter Sunday. The Easter bunny came and visited Charlotte and she quickly picked up on the new toys in her basket. Although I could have just put 20 empty eggs in her basket and she would have thought that was just as great!

{Momma & Char in our Easter best}

{1st Easter Dress} 

To say I was obsessed with Bug's dress is an understatement! I felt like a proper Southern Momma having her smocked! I don't dress her super traditionally, more of the mini-momma look, but I couldn't help but gush over how cute she looked in her dress!

{Teehee.. had to twist up her dress so she could crawl} 

We had lunch at my parent's house and afterwards had a mini photoshoot with the babies!

{The drool on her chin. I can't!}

{Olan Mills would be proud}

Such a good Easter weekend! Hope everyone else got to enjoy Easter as much as I did!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Meal Planning & Meal Prepping

As of this week I'm down 12 pounds since the new year. It's been hard, but it'll be worth it. There's been weeks where I lost 3 pounds and then weeks where I stayed the same for 3. dang. weeks. Lots of fluctuation, but slowly and surely I'm finding out what works for my body. What I need to eat, don't need to eat, drink, and do!
The main thing for me {I really should say us since Ethan is on this journey with me} is meal planning and meal prepping. We've played around the planning before and have found it saves time and money. There's no eating out randomly for work lunches. No guessing in the mornings and fumbling to make a sandwich when you should have been out the door 5 minutes ago. Also, no excuses when you're dieting. Plus it's been nice to not have to cook dinner and clean the kitchen every night! Can I get an amen?!
For meal planning and prep, the steps are:
- Pick your recipes
- Pick your quantities.
- Plan your shopping list.
- Shop & cook!
Before you start, I recommend getting plenty of meal prep containers. I found mine on Amazon. My other containers are just normal plastic containers you can get at the grocery store. I recommend getting a lot. We have 10 compartment food containers and then at least another 10 round containers. The compartment containers are good for days when you have a protein, starch and veggie. The round containers are good for salads and one-dish meals.
Picking your Recipes
I like to get most of my recipes from Skinny Taste. I know her recipes are diet friendly and I haven't had a meal I didn't like. Plus the organization on her site is great! Special diet needs? She's got a section for you! Wanting seafood? It's separated out! Oh and she creates a meal plan each week if you don't have the time to pick your own meals. Seriously. The website is dreamy.
Lately we've been loving the Naked Salmon Burgers with Arugula and Sriracha Sauce and Turkey Meatloaf. They're easy meals that you can make multiples of and they re-heat nicely!
Picking your Quantities
The past two weeks Ethan and I have prepped for lunch and dinner for the week ahead. We do Sunday night through Thursday night, and lunches Monday through Friday. We like to keep Friday night and Saturdays open for eating out. Probably should change that, but we tend to get stir crazy if we don't go out by Friday! Once we've figured out who wants what, meaning "Katie wants 2 chicken meals, 4 salmon meals, and 4 meatloaf meals for the week," we get to planning.
Planning your Shopping List
The next part of planning is the actual planning. I love using Publix's online grocery shopping list. You put in the items you want to buy and it automatically sorts it by aisle and section. Or you can browse the Weekly Shopping Ad and add items directly from there. Also, if you select the store you'll be shopping at, it sorts your list by your store layout. Amazing time saver! Plus Publix's digital coupons make saving some extra money a breeze.
Shop & Cook
This past week our menu was Mojo Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Lime Rice, Naked Salmon Burgers with Arugula and Sriracha Sauce, and Turkey Meatloaf with Sweet Potatoes. This is the part where knowing how many of each you're making really is important. Also, we've tried just two meals, but when you're eating the same thing for lunch and dinner, two really isn't enough variety.
Cooking is the most time-consuming and messy part. It takes us roughly 3-4 hours on Sunday afternoon from start to finish. Yes, 3 to 4 hours at least. But, I'm not coming home every work night cooking and cleaning. It's much better in my opinion. It's time consuming because we only have one oven and one grill, but while one thing cooks, I'm prepping the next meal. And as meals start finishing, we're slicing and sorting. It's a constant, busy thing!
Once all your meals are sorted out in their containers, it's a beautiful sight! I love sitting back on Sunday evening knowing I've got a dishwasher full of dirty dishes "for the week" and 20 meals in the fridge. It's rewarding in a weird kind of way!

Obviously my pictures are from SnapChat. You can follow along @klm61210.
Oh and if you do decide to meal plan & prep and you find a recipe that's to die for.. pass it my way!
The 'ole chicken, meatloaf, fish routine isn't going to cut it for next week! I need something new!
Hope these little tips help! I know they're helping me get downs to pre-baby weight!
And that makes me very happy!
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Snaps

A Charlotte, Mommy & Taylor day where we went to the TJMaxx in Pace to support my new found Rae Dunn Clay obsession. I went from zero pieces to roughly 10 in about a week. No one tell Ethan.
I've also been hiding a little secret.. we're going on a cruise in June! Eee!!
So we go our passports done Friday too!
7 glorious days in the Caribbean. I. Can't. Wait.
Of course I'm going to miss my little ray of sunshine.
But a vacation is much needed.
Friday night was dinner at Nom. {Read: best sushi in Pensacola!}
Silly girl was having the best time jumping around in Daddy's arms.

We packed up our crew and headed to Foley to spend all our pennies on a rainy day.
I got more Rae Dunn Clay from their TJMaxx. {Insert "see no evil monkey" emoji here}
Ethan basically bought out JCrew and Under Armour.
And I had two of Chick-fil-A's new Frosted Coffees.
Ice Dream + Iced Coffee = every mother's dream come true.

Church in the morning.
We forgot to pack the formula in the diaper bag
which resulted in Ethan leaving mid-service to buy more before we had a meltdown.
No meltdowns were had.
Sunday lunch with my parent and grandparents to celebrate my grandma's birthday.
Full-on meal prepping Sunday afternoon. 20 meals later we're ready for the week!
A glass of wine and The Family before bed.

A very good weekend indeed.
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