Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Charlotte Reese is 7 Months Old!

We're late to this party, but that's ok.
Charlotte, you're seven months old now. I honestly can't believe it and I swear I was just taking your two month picture. You were in such a bad mood, but I was adamant that I was going to take a picture of you with your flower numbers on the exact day you turned 2 months old. Mommy has since chilled out on the exact day stuff.
This past month has been all about you mastering your skills you've been working on for awhile. You can sit up like a pro and you can even sit yourself up from your belly. You love standing and sitting up, and you're currently working on pulling up on anything you can get your hands on.
You started some solids this past month and I can say without a doubt you love to eat. I hope you stay "unpicky" for the rest of your life. You've tried baby food in the jars and real food mashed up well. You love your fruits, but not the meat baby foods. Really can't blame you there. And you love steamed squash, sweet potatoes and avocado!
The best thing right now about your eating is that we put you in your little chair on the table while we eat dinner. You lean over as far as you can to check out our plates and then give us "judge face" that we're eating and you're not. {Don't worry.. I've since started grabbing a jar of baby food for you to eat if we're eating something you can't so you don't feel left out.}
You're still a pretty quiet little girl. Which according to your therapist, is normal especially is you live in a quiet household. Although, you have recently discovered your voice and will let out a squeal or a string of "aahhs" that you want us to mimic. No sign of Da-Da or Ma-Ma. But you better bet the race is on and each parent practices with you as often as possible. Most of the time you just smile and look away as to say "yea, right. not saying it."
Speaking of Da-Da, one of my favorite things to do with you is ask "where's Da-da?" You'll look around the room until you spot him, then get the biggest grin on your face! Seriously. So cute.
You had your 6-month well child visit this past month and we're blessed to hear you're doing amazing! You weigh in around 16 pounds (30th percentile) and your height is around the 15th percentile. Your pediatrician said you're doing advanced things like clapping and pulling up, so we obviously couldn't be prouder, especially considering your rough start in life.
You also had a therapy session this past month and your therapist is so impressed with you. She just told us that you look completely normal, which still sends chills down our backs! You've overcome every single obstacle thrown your way! We're still going to continue therapy as long as they don't kick you out. {Mommy feels better having a professional tell her monthly how great you look! You can't blame me!}
One of my favorite memories of you this past month is watching you "try to crawl." You get on your belly and do baby push ups. It's almost like you're trying to take off. You have such a look of concentration that I'm certain you think you're moving. I'm sure now that you can really crawl, we won't see much of this anymore.

Another funny thing you do is grunt at people to get their attention. Most of the time it's just Da-Da, but it's so funny because as soon as you get the attention on yourself, you just smile your big grin!

You can clap and sometimes I feel like you're my little trained monkey. We'll say "yayyyy!" and you'll immediately start clapping your hands or we'll start singing "Patty Cake" and you start clapping away! You also way Bye-Bye when you feel like it. This next month we're going to keep working on Bye-Bye and teaching you to raise your hands above your head when we ask you how big you are! Your Aunt Hannah used to do that and it was so cute!

I can't wait to see what the next month looks like for you! You're growing so fast and learning so much each and every day! I love you, Sweet Girl.
Love, Momma 

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