Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Charlotte Reese is 8 Months Old!

 Charlotte, you're 8 months old, Darling! And every day with you is better than the one before! This is by far the best age! You're like a sponge these days and you're learning so much!

This month was a big one for you! You became mobile! Which we knew was right around the corner, but it's still so much fun watching you figure out how to crawl. Sometimes you've got it and you can make your way across the room with ease. Other times, you need to pause every other movement. Or you'll have one leg up using your feet to crawl and the other side is using your knee.

You can pull up on anything and will pull up on everything. There's no plopping you in the middle of the rug anymore. Because you're gone! And you've made your way to the couch and you've already stood up and you're reaching for the remote. Never a dull moment with you, Kid.

You're my little ham in front of the camera. Seriously. I pull out my phone and you'll give me your closed mouth grin and tilt your head like you're posing. It's adorable. Other times you just want my phone and will lunge towards me.


Funny noises make you laugh these days. "Puppy says woof woof. Cow says mooooo." is one of your favorite things right now. Also watching anyone "get hurt." Toss a ball at someone's head - you're having a giggle fit. Pretend to fall - and that's hilarious!

 Speaking of favorite things. I've taught you to raise your hands around your head when I ask you "how big is Charlotte? She's SOOO big." And it's the cutest thing in the world. I remember your Aunt Hannah doing it when she was a baby and knew I had to teach you "so big!" You also can wave bye bye, clap your hands, and play peekaboo with a blanket.

You're chunking up these days! You've still in 6 month clothes, but certain brands are getting tight! You weight about 17 pounds now and are still in Size 2 diapers. You eat 6 ounce bottles every 3 hours and baby food and sometimes whatever we've cooked as long as it can be mashed pretty good. You can self feed Puffs and you're working on your "pincher grasp." 

You got your 1st ear infection/bad cold this month. It was horrible. One - because Momma was really sick too at the same time, so poor Daddy had to take care of both his girls! You got an antibiotic and it really helped you feel better! Even though we're still up to our eyeballs in snot these days! The Nose Frida has become our best friend, but you hate it!


I almost forgot! You got your 1st tooth this month on March 3! It's your bottom left and it's the cutest little tooth that I've ever seen! Haha! The bottom right has since popped through but technically that's an update for next month! You do not like anyone trying to look at or touch your teeth/gums. You will bat our hands down or turn your head! Momma just wants to see your new little tooth! 

You had your 1st Easter this month too! You met the Easter bunny and did not freak out! So proud of you! Momma was obsessed with your little smocked Easter dress. I'm going to have to make sure you wear those type dresses more often because you look stinkin' adorable in them! 


  You've stopped sleeping through the night, much to Momma's dismay. I'm not sure if you get scared, your teeth hurt, you're cold, or what.. but you tend to wake up once before midnight and then again around 2 a.m. Sometimes all you require is your paci put back in your mouth and a little butt pat, but sometimes you require full-on snuggles and rocking. It's ok, though. You need me and, even though it makes me super tired, I'm soaking up these moments while I have them.

Oh, my Funny Bunny. I hope you stay silly and wonderful. You're the best baby. So sweet and so amazing. Happy 8 months, Little Love! Momma loves you so very much! 

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  1. She's just the happiest ever and I just love watching her grow! I really don't know how our little ones are getting so big so fast! Makes me happy and sad all at the same time!

  2. I just can't! She's just so precious!!!!!

  3. Her facial expressions are to die for! Did you make the flower number? It's just perfect!