Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Snaps

A Charlotte, Mommy & Taylor day where we went to the TJMaxx in Pace to support my new found Rae Dunn Clay obsession. I went from zero pieces to roughly 10 in about a week. No one tell Ethan.
I've also been hiding a little secret.. we're going on a cruise in June! Eee!!
So we go our passports done Friday too!
7 glorious days in the Caribbean. I. Can't. Wait.
Of course I'm going to miss my little ray of sunshine.
But a vacation is much needed.
Friday night was dinner at Nom. {Read: best sushi in Pensacola!}
Silly girl was having the best time jumping around in Daddy's arms.

We packed up our crew and headed to Foley to spend all our pennies on a rainy day.
I got more Rae Dunn Clay from their TJMaxx. {Insert "see no evil monkey" emoji here}
Ethan basically bought out JCrew and Under Armour.
And I had two of Chick-fil-A's new Frosted Coffees.
Ice Dream + Iced Coffee = every mother's dream come true.

Church in the morning.
We forgot to pack the formula in the diaper bag
which resulted in Ethan leaving mid-service to buy more before we had a meltdown.
No meltdowns were had.
Sunday lunch with my parent and grandparents to celebrate my grandma's birthday.
Full-on meal prepping Sunday afternoon. 20 meals later we're ready for the week!
A glass of wine and The Family before bed.

A very good weekend indeed.
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  1. Maybe you could post some of your meal planning and prep . Always looking for new ideas for the family

  2. She's just so adorable! i love all her videos and clips on instagram and snapchat! I'm so excited that you and Ethan are taking some time for yourselves and going on a cruise. I can't say I'm not completely jealous but I'm so happy for you two!


    She's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  4. I just can't! She's so so precious!!!