Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weekend Projects: Landscaping the Front Yard

After being moved in for almost six months, it was about time we finally got around to landscaping. We've been working on small decor projects inside the house, but the poor outside was looking rather neglected! Good thing we had a couple of gorgeous days this past weekend to get our landscaping project started!

Ethan got us started on Saturday by digging out the existing flowerbed the builder left me and creating an extra area to plant a tree for Charlotte. Bless him. He did all this while I was relaxing at the beach. I caught myself a good one!

Saturday afternoon we hit up Lowes to pick out just the right flowers for my garden! For the first time in my life I was actually excited to do a little gardening! I don't have a green thumb, but I'm hopeful I picked good plants that are easy to maintain and hardy! Come on, Pinterest! Don't let me down here!

 For the main flowerbed, I decided on African Iris, Sunhosta Lily, and Zinnias. For the extra area Ethan dug out, we went with a Bottlebrush Tree, Dahlias and climbing roses. I wasn't really sure how they'd all look together, but thankfully all my Pinterest research paid off and they look really great together! {Well.. at least I think so!}

The littlest flower bed by the garage was the easiest. We removed the builder's pine straw, planted a climbing rose bush, and covered it with a dark mulch. Literally took 5 minutes and it's my new favorite. It's like that plant was made to go there!

The rest was a bit time consuming and tiring. For my "back row" I chose the African Iris. I loved the tall leaves. My "middle row" is my Sun Hostas Lily and the "front row" are my Zinnias. Planting the back and middle row were easy, it's when I got to the 24 individual Zinnias that I started to hate gardening! Haha!

Don't let these pictures fool you! I did 90% of this garden! Ethan just happened to do the big digging for the shrubs and tree!

Finished project! I really wish the sun would have been higher, but the sun sets on the back of our house, so this is the best I can do for right now!

So so in love with the finished product! Now I just need something for the porch and we're all set! Oh, and hopefully none of these plants die or we have a hard frost in April!

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  1. Girl! We've been our house for 11 months and don't even have all of our fill dirt, no black dirt, and no grass only weeds!! I envy you!! Your house and yard look beautiful!

  2. Looks fantastic! I did the gardening thing once and it all died!!! Hope you have much better luck!

  3. This looks fabulous!! I am still trying to finish some of the garden areas in our yard but slowly getting there! I love the trellis and climbing rose next to the garage!

  4. We have been doing a complete overhaul on our landscaping! Yours is looking great! You picked some nice plants.


  5. Looks good. I so need to do mine


  6. I've simply got to get into gardening again. I've really let my front yard go. I am really loving your gardening ideas and those plants are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the climbing rose bush. I can't get my husband to budge off the couch to help with the gardening. So, I guess we are in the same boat, in that area.

    Natacha Davies @ Acer Landscape Services

  7. The house looks great with some landscaping around it. Is that bark or some other type of mulch around the plants? It should help keep the weeds and maintenance down. Make sure you keep the tree well-watered while it gets established. I know from experience that they need a lot more water than you think! Nice choice of plants and grouping.

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