Thursday, May 5, 2016

Charlotte Reese is 9 Months Old!

Oh Charlotte. 9 months already. Where is the time going? This past month has been a great one for you! Not only with all the new things you've learned, but also a slew of good doctor appointments!

This month you were cleared from your neurology appointments! You've successfully weaned off your seizure medications and you're doing so good! You also had a follow-up hearing appointment and you passed with flying colors! I'm so proud of you, Baby Girl! You've overcome just so much.

New things you do this month include dancing and swaying to music, pointing at and touching everything! Your "touching" is so cute. You're very hesitant to touch new things. You'll reach your little hands out and almost touch it, but then pull back. You'll look at me for approval and then try again. It's hilarious how cautious you are.

You're becoming quite the Momma's girl. Which obviously I eat up. But sometimes it's hard because I just want to be able to vacuum the floor without you freaking out that I'm leaving the room. You have your days where you're extra clingy and I know those days will one day come to an end, so I try to give you and me grace. Dirty floors can wait.

You had another bad cold this month. You poor thing. You still hate the Nose Frida sucker. And you hate us wiping your nose. I think we've created trust issues forever when it comes to that. You also hate bright lights, especially when I turn your light on in the morning to change your diaper. You lay there like a little Princess with your eyes squeezed shut! Oh, you crack me up.

You're obsessed with noses. Hence, the picture above this. You don't pick you nose.. yet. But you do like to point out noses. I love to ask you, "where's Momma's nose." and you immediately point it out. You're so smart. You also like to sniff things. You curl up your nose, lean forward, and "smell."

This month's pictures were hard to take. You wanted to go, go, go. As you always do! You can walk really well behind your walker toy. And you get the biggest smile when you do. You can pull up on anything and you're starting to get brave and let go. Your balance is getting better and you can stand for 1-2 seconds before falling on your bottom! You're also a climber. You love to climb over Daddy if he's laying on the ground playing with you and you love to climb on the couch {with lots of supervision}. You also have the cutest, wonkiest crawl. One leg is normal, the other you'd swear is broken because you just drag it behind you. You're slow and steady still.


You had your 1st Easter and 1st Beach Day with Nana and Walkie! You loved your Easter basket and pulled all the toys out of it like you were a pro. The beach.. you didn't care too much for the sand, but I'm sure with time you'll learn to love it! You also had your 1st Girl's Beach Weekend at Grandma's beach house. You and Grandma played all day while Momma got to enjoy the beach! :)

This month will also be your last in Size 2 diapers. We're going to try to finish out the box we have, but your little self is getting chunky! You're finally about 17 pounds and wearing anywhere from 6-12 month clothes. You don't look so tiny against your big cousin Walker anymore!

Happy 9 Months, Sweet Girl! I can't wait to see what new things you learn and do this upcoming month! I love you more than you'll ever know!

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  1. how cute is she??omg!
    funny pics...
    thanks for sharing with us this moment of your life..

  2. congratulations on having the most adorable daughter. she's soooo cute! also...the clingy phase. kaye is almost four and is still in the clingy phase, so don't worry. your gal will want you forever. :)

  3. So cute. Can't believe she's 9 month already! This is such a great way to document what she's like a each stage.


  4. She is so sweet, so happy, so beautiful, cute and full of joy! xx

  5. She is too cute

    I love the flower #