Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Charbaby!

It's official! I'm the Momma of a toddler! Well.. a couple steps toddling toddler! But nonetheless Charbaby is ONE!

We surprised the birthday girl with a wake-up full of balloons! Don't worry, I snuck into her room about an hour before she typically wakes up to put them there and jumped out of bed the second we heard her stirring! No chocking hazards here!

Our birthday girl absolutely loved it! And I loved being able to watch her wake up with a huge grin on her little face!

Next up in "the traditions we started this year" are cinnamon rolls for breakfast! I think this was Char's 1st taste of cinnamon roll and she was definitely a fan! But, for real.. who doesn't like cinnamon rolls? No one. Right. Ok.

Way too busy chowing down to give Momma a smile!

We also squeezed in her last monthly flower picture photoshoot! I can't believe I'm done taking these photos every month?! I swear I just spent way to much money at Michael's buying all those fake flowers! Haha! Totally worth it! And I can't wait to see all her pictures in one place on the banner I made her for her birthday party this weekend!

Next up in Big Girl's Big Day was the movies to see The Secret Life of Pets! She lasted through all 30 minutes of the previews, stealing sips of my Coke Icee. {Also, I swear I don't let this kid drink anything other than milk and water and the occasional juice on a regular basis!} But about 15 minutes into the movie, she was passed out! Ethan and I both enjoyed it though! Super cute movie if anyone is thinking about seeing it!

After a little shopping at the mall, we headed home for a good afternoon nap! Then it was riding on her new bike and then dinner at Grandma's house before we met up with Aunt Taylor and Uncle Colin for some dinner!

Once we got home, I realzied I never took her "chair" picture! So a quick photo shoot was in order! Thankfully Charlotte is the easiest going baby in the world! She laughed at my silly faces and wanted to hold and crumple up her sticker!

July 26, 2015, was the worst day of my life while simultaneously being the best day of my life. {Charlotte's Birth Story} This year I was determined to have a day full of laughs and smiles and love and joy. And I think we accomplished that! So so very thankful for my birthday girl! I look forward to seeing what life with a 1-year old is all about!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Day Before My Baby Turns 1

This time last year, I was in labor. And had been for about 12 hours at this point. 

I'd been to the hospital once before, only to be sent home. We were still at the condo about to leave the island because I didn't want to be stuck and have to give birth on the bridge. 
{legit greatest fear the entire pregnancy}

And now, here we are an entire year later.
I'm honestly dreading Facebook's memories for the next month. 
And if I'm being completely honest, I've been dreading this day for awhile now.

I'm not ready for my baby to be 1.
And I know that's normal. Most mama's have a hard time with their baby turning 1. 
Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. 
It's normal for my heart to sing and hurt in the same heartbeat. To look at her little face and think "stay this small forever, but grow up and show me what amazing things you'll do." Motherhood is bittersweet, ya'll.

I want her to stay small and be my baby forever. But I also want to see the amazing things God has planned for her. Because from the beginning we've known she was destined to do great things.

But I'm also loving each and every new day with her. This age is by far my favorite. She's funny and silly and curious and a serious climber. But she's also gentle and sweet and cautious.

The first year has been a serious ride. 

From 26 days in the NICU, to coming home for a couple weeks, to another hospital stay, to home again! 
To figuring out breastfeeding when you weren't planning on breastfeeding. 
To pumping and storing and supplementing for weight gain. 
To finally figuring out how to take a newborn out in public, to going back to work a few shorts weeks later. 
To figuring out commuting to Nana's house, to midnight feeding schedules, to pumping schedules at work. 
To all the first holidays and each and every milestone. 
To neurology appointments and therapy appointments, to CT scans and MRIs. 
To each and every answered prayer and each specialist not seen again! 
To first laughs and rolling over, to standing up, then taking steps. 
To each sleepless night, to finally sleeping through the night. 
To bottles and baby food, to sippy cups and big girl food. 
To my sweet little baby now being a one-year old.
She's grown so much and come so far.

Tonight, I'm going to rock her to sleep like we do every night. But tonight will have more tears and I know I'll hesitate to put her down. 
And then tomorrow morning at 1:44 a.m., I think I'll sneak back into her room, lean over and pick her up, snuggle her close and whisper "Happy Birthday, my Little Love."

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Humpday Bumpday // Week 40

So here we are, exactly one year later and it occurred to me I never shared my 40 week bumpdate?! 
So.. in honor of my due-date-iversary, here's a throwback to my life at this time last year!
{Side note: these are my actual thoughts from last year. I updated my post throughout the week, then scheduled it to post later the next week, so this would have posted when I was 41+2.. this one never got scheduled because I had Charlotte at 40+6. Blank spots are where I didn't update. Spots {were noted} were added by memory.}

{40 weeks exactly}

how far along: I officially made it the 40 weeks. Waking up on your due date is a strange feeling.

due date: was July 20th.

appointment update: {from memory - added after Charlotte's birth} My last regular OB appointment was Friday, July 24. My doctor said I was 1 cm and 80% effaced. We scheduled me to be induced Monday, July 27, at 12:00 a.m.
size of the baby:
baby is:
movement: Definitely slowed down enough for me to start doing "kick counts." She still moves a lot, but I guess they're so subtle that I don't notice them unless I'm paying attention. I'm used to my wild woman!
total weight gain: {We most definitely hit around 210. Which is absolutely insane and I pray to God I never get that big again in my life! I will work out better next pregnancy and take better care of my body!}

stretch marks:
symptoms: Achiness, trouble moving, confusion, easily annoyed, swollen feet. Being 40 weeks is a beautiful thing, y'all.

wedding rings on or off: Been off for at least a month now.

belly button in or out: Been out for at least 3 months now.
maternity clothes: Are all that fit.
sleep: Rough. My hips and hands fall asleep as I'm sleeping on my side, so I'm forced to roll over to the other side. That "rolling" movement is that similar to a whale thrashing. Sleeping on my back is 110% a no-go.
missing: Just about everything at this point.
cravings/aversions: Wish I could say I was actually craving something, but really I'm not. I want to just pregnant-lady-gorge out on something, but nothing sounds good.

cries: {added after Charlotte's birth} I cried when my doctor left the room after our last appointment. I was so ready to meet Charlotte. I remember just wanting to have a baby now.

nursery: Charlotte's Nursery // Version 1.0

ethan is: {I really wish I had filled this in. I'd love to know what I thought Ethan felt like at this point.}

best moments: {from memory - added after Charlotte's birth} Definitely calling it quits for work. And then after scheduling my induction, actually going into labor on my own and being able to wake Ethan up in the middle of the night to say "I think my water broke."

not so best moments: passing the due date. I know it's just a suggestion, but man.. I had my hopes! Also we did our first stress test of this entire pregnancy at 40 weeks 2 days. Charlotte would not move and it really freaked me out. I didn't know fear until I'm driving to the hospital not able to feel my baby. Turned out that Little Miss just wanted some extra attention and is perfectly fine. I did find out that I'm having irregular contractions every 3-10 minutes! I also called it quits with work. We're officially on maternity leave till mid-October!

looking forward to:

next appointment: I'll just go ahead and assume that the next appointment will be Char's 2 week checkup.

{My stereotypical pregnant lady at 40 weeks purchases}

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Weekending || Red, White & Blues Weekend

Blues Weekend is my favorite weekend of the summer; and what made it even more awesome this year was that our friends Katie & Daniel came in town to visit!
{Fat Albert}

We had a great time hanging out in the Bay that morning and then walked across the street to watch the airshow. The Blue Angels are stationed out of Pensacola, so any time they come home, it's a big event! 

 {Our Blue Angels}

After the show we grabbed some lunch and hung out in the bay some more. Of course, being the Mamarazzi I am, I had to grab a couple shots of Char in her adorable bikini!After our quick photoshoot and a quick dip in the water with her daddy, Char got to spend the rest of the afternoon inside eating ice cream with Grandma. We stay out for awhile playing on the floats and jumping off the dock.



After a yummy breakfast with everyone Saturday morning, we split up for the boys to go golfing, and the girls to do some damage shopping! We went over to Foley and enjoyed the day together! Well, except Charlotte who did not like the music in Old Navy. Haha!

Sunday we went to church and then I met up with my girlfriends to see Snow White at the Pensacola Little Theater. Only problem was the tickets sold out before we got there! So instead, we walked around downtown, got gelato at a cute {kinda tacky though..} little shop, then drinks and appetizers at World of Beer.

It was so fun having all our friends in town for the weekend! Katie & Daniel leave tomorrow and we're already counting down the days when they'll be back for another visit in September!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bad Date Night

Ethan and I have gotten so bad at dating.. 
{Did we eat here.. nope.}

Our weekend got started Thursday night since Ethan took Friday off with me so we could go to the Blue Angel's Air Show. We were staying out at Grandma's beach house and mom already had Char and was planning to do the same, so we asked if we could get a date night in before heading out to the beach! Of course, Mom said yes and we made plans for a "real" date night. 

Dinner & a movie.

 It was going to be quintessential date night! Just like the old days..

{Or even here..}

Since we had friends in town for the weekend, we decided to skip the movie, but still wanted to have a nice dinner. Originally we were going to go to Bj's Brewhouse, but since we don't get the chance often, Ethan wanted to try out a new place downtown. There's a new "Southern pub" called Union Public House and we knew that's where we wanted to go. We get there and because it was a Thursday night didn't have reservations. Who needs reservations on Thursday night? Well, turns out we did. It was a 25 minute wait {seriously.. not that bad} but we were starving, so we opted to go someplace else. Because it was Thursday and downtown looked like a ghost town.

Oh.. hindsight.

The next place we try out is Jaco's. A little bay front eatery that has amazing flatbread pizzas. We were greeted with a "do you have a reservation?" from the hostesses. And obviously not because it was Thursday. And who makes reservations for Thursday nights? It was a 45 minute wait. We got a non-sincere "sorry" shrug from the hostesses and we left. Next.. we tried The Fish House. Same routine, except this one was an hour and half wait.

So finally after at least 25 minutes of driving around downtown {hello original wait time for Union Public House..}, getting wait listed by every restaurant, and now majorly starving and on our way to Restaurant #4, when we see a Five Guys and decided why not.. 

And you know what, that was the best dang burger I've had in a long time!

Ethan joked that if this would have been our 1st date, there wouldn't have been a 2nd date.
I joked that we should celebrate "bad date night" every year.

We ended "bad date night" at Krispy Kreme. Two donuts a piece and large cold milks. We sat in our car and inhaled that deliciousness. Because going in and sitting down like a real date would have just been silly at this point! 

After dessert we headed to meet up with our friends. We laughed about "bad date night" and I'm pretty sure next July 14th, we're going to repeat it! 

And I'm kinda excited! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Summertime with Charlotte

What's Char been up to this summer so far?

Backyard pool time with her cousins.

We're working on her tan. Notice they're in order from palest to tannest!


LOTS of baths! Being outside in the Florida heat and humidity causes instant sweat which causes instant stinky little girls!

Looking fabulous in our sunnies. Such a little diva.

Breakfast with Momma & Daddy downtown!

Looking way to cute playing outside in baby workout gear. Being outside is the highlight of Charlotte's day. She lives for outside and I'm pretty certain she'd live out there if I let her.


Helping Momma make a cake and licking her first set of frosting beaters!

 Reading lots and lots of books with Momma. Every morning when you wake up you immediately point to your bookshelf!

Golf cart rides around the ponds! Outside + Golf Cart = World's Happiest Charlotte.


Just rockin' with Walkie after Nana's birthday breakfast!

Driving Papa's truck!

Playing with Aunt Taylor's pups and getting the biggest laughs!


Having a Girl's Day with Momma to buy birthday party stuff and later lunch at Chick-fil-A!

Hanging out with your cousin Bella.  

Your first 4th of July! And your last "1st" major holiday! You loved playing on the giant float and enjoyed watching our fireworks from the safety of your bedroom! {We tried to take you outside, but you hated the earmuffs!}


Your 1st real movie! We saw Finding Dory and you did SO good!

Lunching with Nana and Hannah all summer long!

Summer time with Charlotte has been so much fun! Can't wait to see what other things we'll do this year!