Monday, July 18, 2016

Bad Date Night

Ethan and I have gotten so bad at dating.. 
{Did we eat here.. nope.}

Our weekend got started Thursday night since Ethan took Friday off with me so we could go to the Blue Angel's Air Show. We were staying out at Grandma's beach house and mom already had Char and was planning to do the same, so we asked if we could get a date night in before heading out to the beach! Of course, Mom said yes and we made plans for a "real" date night. 

Dinner & a movie.

 It was going to be quintessential date night! Just like the old days..

{Or even here..}

Since we had friends in town for the weekend, we decided to skip the movie, but still wanted to have a nice dinner. Originally we were going to go to Bj's Brewhouse, but since we don't get the chance often, Ethan wanted to try out a new place downtown. There's a new "Southern pub" called Union Public House and we knew that's where we wanted to go. We get there and because it was a Thursday night didn't have reservations. Who needs reservations on Thursday night? Well, turns out we did. It was a 25 minute wait {seriously.. not that bad} but we were starving, so we opted to go someplace else. Because it was Thursday and downtown looked like a ghost town.

Oh.. hindsight.

The next place we try out is Jaco's. A little bay front eatery that has amazing flatbread pizzas. We were greeted with a "do you have a reservation?" from the hostesses. And obviously not because it was Thursday. And who makes reservations for Thursday nights? It was a 45 minute wait. We got a non-sincere "sorry" shrug from the hostesses and we left. Next.. we tried The Fish House. Same routine, except this one was an hour and half wait.

So finally after at least 25 minutes of driving around downtown {hello original wait time for Union Public House..}, getting wait listed by every restaurant, and now majorly starving and on our way to Restaurant #4, when we see a Five Guys and decided why not.. 

And you know what, that was the best dang burger I've had in a long time!

Ethan joked that if this would have been our 1st date, there wouldn't have been a 2nd date.
I joked that we should celebrate "bad date night" every year.

We ended "bad date night" at Krispy Kreme. Two donuts a piece and large cold milks. We sat in our car and inhaled that deliciousness. Because going in and sitting down like a real date would have just been silly at this point! 

After dessert we headed to meet up with our friends. We laughed about "bad date night" and I'm pretty sure next July 14th, we're going to repeat it! 

And I'm kinda excited! 


  1. That would be such a cute tradition! I'm glad y'all made the best of it!

  2. Fun date night! Nick and I tried to go out on Wednesday and had the same issues with wait times! Like, wtf! Glad it turned out to be fun!