Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Charlotte Reese is 10 Months Old!

 Char, this month was a full-on learning explosion for you! You started the month with a few grunts and cosonant sounds (like bababa) to being able to say 3 words by the end! You can say Mama, Dada & Bye Bye!

{Let's all pretend I took the time to edit my leg out of the remainder of these photos..} 

You had your 9-month well-child visit and you weight 18.4 pounds and are 27.5" tall! You can stand alone for a few seconds, but when you realize noone is holding your hand or helping you, you slowly lower yourself to the floor. Your crawling is getting SO much faster! It's still a wonky crawl with one knee up and one knee down, but it gets the job done!

At your last therapy session, they said you're processing things on a 12-month level! So amazing considering the rough start you had. I have to thank God for you every day and for the prayers He answered!

You love being silly, pulling toys or anything out of a box, eating {seriously, kid.. I don't think I've ever seen you "full" or dislike something}. You love eating ice cream with Papa and the days Nana has Walkie so you two can play. You can drink out of a straw, which has its perks, but mostly just means we now share every drink.

Oh, Sassypants. What you do not love is being told "no." I mean, what child does, but you give some serious attitude that will one day give us a run for our money. When you do something you're not supposed to, like crawl off the living room rug while we're playing, I'll tell you "Charlotte, no. Come back here." You tend to stop, look back at me, and then grunt. This process repeats a couple times until you finally give a very exaggerated sigh and crawl back to me.

I never want to forget the way you give sweet hugs when we pick you up after work from Nana's house. When you spot us, whether it be me or Daddy coming to get you, you light up and crawl as fast as you can to us! We pick you up, then you immediately start waving bye-bye to Nana!

Your belly is your new favorite thing. You like to pat on it, look at it under your shirt, squeeze and squish it and basically show everyone and their momma where your belly is!

One of my favorite things to do with you is chase you. I'll start crawling towards you telling you "I'm gonna get her!" and you'll squeal and run away! Sometimes you run {crawl} straight to me, but most of the time you'll run towards whoever can save you! You're so silly and playing this game makes you get the serious case of the giggles.

You've started "giving lovins'" to your babies. You squeeze them and hug them tight and each time my heart explodes with love just a little more.

My sweet, silly, beautiful girl. I love you just so much.

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