Thursday, July 14, 2016

Charlotte Reese is 11 Months Old!

11 months old. You're kidding me right?

Where in the world has this year gone? Why did this go by in a blink and I'm 100% sure I was pregnant for 9 years?

Charlotte Reese, you are the silliest little girl in the world. Your facial expressions and reactions to the world around you are priceless. One second you're being serious and the next you're laughing and squealing. You brighten up a room just by being in it and you're loved by everyone you meet.

You're so smart and catch on to all the little "monkey tricks" I try to teach you. You can point out your belly {which you're obsessed with}, show us "how big are you?" and you'll reach your arms above your head for "sooo big!", play patty-cake, blow kisses.

You still can't walk on your own, but you're so close. I think. You can walk beside us holding on to only one finger and you're perfectly fine doing that. Let go of you.. and you immediately sit down. Same story as last month! You have started cruising along the walls, which is new. You've always cruised along the couches, but walking the walls is new. Climbing is also something you're obsessed with. You've not figured out how to climb up the couch, but you'll go over anything that on the floor. Headfirst. ::sigh::

You've got a total of 4 teeth now! You cut your two top ones while me and your dad were on our cruise last month! Your little toothy grin is my absolute favorite! I always loved your gummy smile and didn't know how I'd feel about a toothy one, but when you smile {and you always smile} it's the cutest thing ever!

You love "lovin'" on your babies and will hug them tight to your chest and give them a little rock and pat on the back. You also love being chased. It's your favorite game.

You started rolling your tongue at anything that amuses you or even annoys you. I'm not sure where you picked that up or what you mean when you do it, but it's hilarious. When you chase you, you're rolling your tongue. When you don't want to take your bottle, you roll your tongue.

You're kind of a weirdo. And I love it.

Something I don't want to forget is "your stinky feet." I sit in the backseat with you a lot. It's just easier for me to sit back there when we're all together. So I'll always ask you if you have stinky feet. You smile and stick your toes up to my face. Over and over again!

You're not loving apples these days. I don't get it.. you used to eat all sorts of pureed foods with apples in them and now you gag. Obviously your little taste buds changed! 

We still call you Char and Bug all the time. You got a couple new nicknames this month. One being "Monkey" because of your climbing on EVERYTHING! And the other one is Boogie Monster because you battled a cold this entire month. Poor baby!

You can say a couple new words this month! You can now say Nana, Papa, and Hannah {this one I haven't heard but your Nana and Aunt Hannah said they heard you multiple times when we were on our trip}! You don't say words consistently, but these are ones we have heard you say at least once and feel like you could say them again if you wanted to, you stubborn little one!


That's it for 11 months. I really feel like that month flew by and can't believe the next update you'll be ONE YEAR OLD! {Of course these updates are a little weird and your 12-month picture will be for what you accomplished while you were 11 months old.. but whatever!}

Now everyone, please cry with me as we look at these comparison shots! 

::cue huge tears::

{Stop it.. Give me my baby back!}


  1. How is she 11 months already? I started following your blog when you announced you were pregnant- time flies! She's beautiful!

  2. How did our girls get so big? I literally have tears in my eyes looking at those comparison shots! :(