Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Friendcation 2016 || Bahamas & Sea Day

Monday morning we woke up to beautiful Nassau, Bahamas! This was our 1st stop in the Caribbean! I've been to the Bahamas before, but it had been 10 years! We didn't plan an excursion in the Bahamas because we were only in port from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. I really wanted to go to Atlantis, but the time we had wasn't worth the high ticket price tag to go to the water park.

 {Good morning Snaps from Charlotte} 

{Another quick snap of the cruise pictures taken..}

{The closest we got to Atlantis that day}

 We got off the boat with everyone and headed to the straw market and the hidden fake designer purses store. Let me tell you.. that part was creepy and I would 100% not have gone without having all the guys there with us. To get to the fake designer purses you have to go past the Straw Market, then out of no where this guy pops out and says "you looking for purses?" Of course we were so he tells us to follow him.. down the street, up the street, around a corner, into this back alley looking place. Creepy? Yes. We looked around the makeshift store and each of us got a really cute bag. I got a beautiful coral "Michael Kors" crossbody. It looks totally real and I only paid $35 for it!

 {The Allure in port at Nassau}

 {Look what we found! Charlotte Street!}

 {Really cute fake IG billboard}

After getting the purses, we explored around a little bit. We thought about getting ice cream or heading to Senor Frogs, but because it was so hot and we were getting hungry, we decided to head back to the ship.

 {One of my favorite pictures from the trip. I really need to frame it!}

 {Gotta grab that Geofilter from SnapChat!}

 {Our view for dinner that night} 

Tuesday was our first official "Day at Sea" to travel to the next set of islands! Tuesday was a great day filled with lots of sunscreen, sunshine, and fun drinks in cute pineapples! I really wish I had more photos from this day, but my lovely friends haven't upload their Go-Pro pics to our shared album just yet! ::hint, hint::

Once we got hungry, we all split up for the afternoon. Ethan and I hit up the Hot Dog stand on the Boardwalk before heading back to our room for a nice, long afternoon nap!

Tuesday night was our "free" night for dinner. All the couples made their own plans. Ethan and I went to Chops Grill in Central Park. It was their signature steakhouse and it was pretty good. I'd much rather a steak at Ruth's Chris if I'm going to be fancy. Haha!

 {Central Park and Chops Grill} 

 {My delicious goat cheese salad with apple slices, pecans and cranberries with a balsamic dressing. YUM!}

After dinner we hit up the Love & Marriage Game. The couples that got selected weren't the best at knowing each and the "newlywed" couple had terrible potty mouths! This show, while it's one I wouldn't want to miss, was much better and funnier on our last cruise! Guess it all depends on who gets selected!

That's it for the Bahamas and our 1st Day at Sea. Next up is St. Thomas. My actual dream-come-true vacation destination!

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