Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Friendcation 2016 || Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Finally, the cruise stop that made me plan this cruise to start with! St. Thomas! Don't ask me why, I don't have a good answer, but I have literally always wanted to visit St. Thomas. So to say I was excited was an understatement!

We ate breakfast on our own that morning, so me and Ethan hit up the Starbucks on our ship {seriously!} and the Donut Shop! Oh what I'd give to be eating one of those donuts again! So yummy!

{Taking a walk on the top deck before meeting up to get off the ship}

Our excursion in St. Thomas was a Snorkel and Dive with a Boat Ride. We went to Secret Harbor Beach Resort where they had a cabana set up for us and the boat ready for us to go out on! I really wish we would have had more time to lounge on the beach!

{Shuttle ride to our resort}

So in St. Thomas they drive on the left side of the road.. let me tell you. That is trippy! I'm so glad we drive on the right side of the road here in the States!

{The gorgeous view of our private beach. Holy heck it was gorgeous!}

{Yes, we wore matching "Beach, Please" shirts because we're fab like that.}

The above picture is the result of me asking Colin to get us in the lower corner of the photo with as much scenery as possible. Oh, Colin. ::eye roll::

{Or like this..}

{Note my bug bracelet! The Zika virus was present on the island and even though I wasn't worried about being infected.. I didn't want to take my chances! I made everyone in our group wear a bracelet!}

{We were in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas}

{Our Dive Boat is to the right}

While everyone else was lounging in the cabana, I wanted to be on the sand. I live near the beach in Florida, so I'm used to powdery white sand. This sand was like play-doh but wet? It was super weird!

What I don't have pictures of is our boat ride and snorkel. The first snorkel stop was Turtle Bay. It's an area where young female sea turtles feed all day. So they literally dive to the bottom of this crystal clear water, eat the grass, then surface. Kinda sounds like my dream day.. But it was really neat watching them and being able to get within a couple feet of a sea turtle! We also saw eels, sting rays and so many fish!

The second stop was a little coral reef area. That didn't thrill me as much as the turtles, but it was fun to swim around and see what we could find. Our friends Colin and Andrew are dive certified, so while we snorkeled, they dived! They saw a few sharks on their dive.. yikes!

{When we went to Hawaii I wrote every location we were at in the sand!}

{Secret Harbor Beach Resort - Highly recommended!}

{In port in St. Thomas}

{Happy snaps of my Charlotte!}

{Facetiming while she napped. So sweet!}

{The guys and their put put games..}

{My dream come true! Ha!}

{Lovebird towels our Stateroom Attendant Leo made us!}

{Nighttime Facetiming with Char}

St. Thomas was everything I'd hoped it would be. It was a beautiful island with friendly people! The beaches were beautiful and the water was perfect. I hope we get a chance to visit again one day!

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  1. this is paradise..
    very nice pics and post

  2. I love yalls tops!! We are going on a cruise with a group of friends in December to the Bahamas and I need this top! I have been to St. Thomas two times and absolutely loved it both times!!

  3. How much fun!! We went on this same cruise and loved it!! It would have been a lot more fun with friends. We did miss our sweet baby so much!!! Glad you guys had fun