Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Friendcation 2016 || Roadtrippin' & Boardin' Day


Well since it's been a month, I guess I should go ahead and jot down what I remember about our Royal Caribbean cruise we went on! First off, I LOVE Royal Caribbean! Call me a brand snob, but it's the only ship{s} I want to go on! Secondly, vacationing with friends is where it's at!

We planned this cruise during Christmas break 2015, so after 6 long months it was finally time to go! My mom picked up Char the Friday night before we left. This was the longest I'd ever left Charlotte, but surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. That sounds terrible, but it was a much needed break. I cried the first couple nights, but towards the middle of the cruise {when I had an awesome "schedule" of sleep-in, buffet, poolside, buffet, nap time, dinner time..} I was ok, but then towards the last couple nights I really was ready to get home to my girl!

 After leaving around 4 a.m., we finally arrived to Ft. Lauderdale around 3 p.m. It was a long drive, but it really went by quickly because of having constant entertainment. Like SnapChat filters! 


We had a small mix up at the hotel. Two of us were booked at the hotel we drove to, then the other four of us were at another hotel. Seriously the names of the two hotels were identical except one said "convention center" in the details. Oops.. we ended up canceling the one room and only lost $50 out of the whole mix up! We hung out for a little bit then went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner! Operation "Eat Whatever-the-Heck I Want Because I Earned It" had officially started!

{Waiting in the Cruise Terminal}

Sunday morning we boarded the hotel's shuttle and went to the cruise terminal! Seeing our massive boat for the first time was so much fun! I kind of think Boarding Day is the best day of the cruise. Not because you do anything special, but it's the start and there's so much excitement going on!

{Ethan and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Boarding Day!}

After a quick check-in process, {Seriously RCCL is amazing and so organized!} we were all checked in with Sea Passes in hand ready to board the ship!

{Shhh.. Don't tell anyone but we snuck a picture of our Board Day Pic}

 Once we were on the ship we decided to do a little exploring. At the time we booked, The Allure of the Seas was the world's largest cruise ship! And man.. they weren't kidding! This thing was huge! It had 4 pools, a zip-line, 2 flow-riders, 2 rock climbing walls, 24-hour pizza shop, a Central Park, and a Boardwalk with carousal, hot dog stand, ice cream shop, donut shop {take me back!} and just so much more! Even on the last day of the cruise I still didn't know my way around!

Ok.. I lie. I knew my way to the pool. Haha!

{Looking at the back of the ship}

After some exploring, our rooms were ready to go to! We got an interior balcony room that overlooked Central Park! We've had normal water-view balconies before, so the indoor balcony was a really cool experience!

The room was great and actually felt spacious! There was a closet right beside the bed and a little bathroom to the left when you first walked in. The only thing I think would be better was if the bed and couch were switched. It would have given us more room, but we survived! ;)
{View from our balcony} 

After checking out our room, we headed down to the pool. It was already amazing. Drink in hand, sun on my skin! I splurged this trip and purchased a drink package that allowed me to drink all the virgin cocktails I wanted! Money well spent as I always had a frozen mojito in hand!

{Waving good-bye for the week!} 

{Heading to dinner on the 1st night}

{Of course they had a "Charlotte" dessert the first night! Oh I missed my girl!} 

Next up on our cruise was our 1st port stop at Nassau, Bahamas!
Stay tuned!

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  1. Your cruise looks AMAZING! I've been on a Carnival cruise and was not impressed. I love everything that your boat had to offer!! Your room is amazing to!