Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Charbaby!

It's official! I'm the Momma of a toddler! Well.. a couple steps toddling toddler! But nonetheless Charbaby is ONE!

We surprised the birthday girl with a wake-up full of balloons! Don't worry, I snuck into her room about an hour before she typically wakes up to put them there and jumped out of bed the second we heard her stirring! No chocking hazards here!

Our birthday girl absolutely loved it! And I loved being able to watch her wake up with a huge grin on her little face!

Next up in "the traditions we started this year" are cinnamon rolls for breakfast! I think this was Char's 1st taste of cinnamon roll and she was definitely a fan! But, for real.. who doesn't like cinnamon rolls? No one. Right. Ok.

Way too busy chowing down to give Momma a smile!

We also squeezed in her last monthly flower picture photoshoot! I can't believe I'm done taking these photos every month?! I swear I just spent way to much money at Michael's buying all those fake flowers! Haha! Totally worth it! And I can't wait to see all her pictures in one place on the banner I made her for her birthday party this weekend!

Next up in Big Girl's Big Day was the movies to see The Secret Life of Pets! She lasted through all 30 minutes of the previews, stealing sips of my Coke Icee. {Also, I swear I don't let this kid drink anything other than milk and water and the occasional juice on a regular basis!} But about 15 minutes into the movie, she was passed out! Ethan and I both enjoyed it though! Super cute movie if anyone is thinking about seeing it!

After a little shopping at the mall, we headed home for a good afternoon nap! Then it was riding on her new bike and then dinner at Grandma's house before we met up with Aunt Taylor and Uncle Colin for some dinner!

Once we got home, I realzied I never took her "chair" picture! So a quick photo shoot was in order! Thankfully Charlotte is the easiest going baby in the world! She laughed at my silly faces and wanted to hold and crumple up her sticker!

July 26, 2015, was the worst day of my life while simultaneously being the best day of my life. {Charlotte's Birth Story} This year I was determined to have a day full of laughs and smiles and love and joy. And I think we accomplished that! So so very thankful for my birthday girl! I look forward to seeing what life with a 1-year old is all about!


  1. Happy ONE Char!!!!!!! LOOOOOOVE that we have bday twins!

  2. What a fun day! She is so cute. The cinnamon roll tradition is brilliant!