Friday, April 21, 2017

5 on Friday // Charlotte Says Edition

You can definitely see a little personality coming out in Charlotte these days. 
She's sassy. She's spunky. She's stubborn. She's sweet. 
She's also doing some things I find hilarious and I don't want to forget!

{1} She says "frog" like she's a sailor. She'll make your Mama blush! Or at least this Mama. Because we don't use wordy dirts like that in our house. It all started about a month ago when she was running up and down my Mom's couch dropping F-bombs like nobody's business. I recorded her, naturally, like the good 21st century Mama that I am, so I have that memory blackmail forever. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what she was really trying to say. Fast forward a couple weeks and we're reading a Noah's Ark book. I was asking her "what animal is this?" "what does the lion say?" when we got to the frog page. And there it was - Charlotte's frog.

{2} Charlotte is a touch of a girly girl. I say a touch because she loves to get down and dirty in the dirt. It's a struggle to keep her fingernails clean. But she is not a fan of bugs. We were taking a walk last week and she was riding in her push bike. I hear "ew ew ewwwwww" from her. I stopped and poked my head around just in time to see her flicking a bug off her hand and saying "bug!" Also, the other day she wouldn't walk in my mom's garage because she saw a bug. Turns out the "bug" was a scrap of paper, but she wouldn't go past it until the "bug" was removed.

{3} She's obsessed with oatmeal. I don't even ask her what she wants for dinner anymore because I know I'll hear "oh-meel." She also can eat her weight in fruit snack gummies and dill pickle slices.

{4} She's also becoming a Master Bedtime Manipulator. A few weeks ago this all started and before "that night" she went to bed no problem. Repeated "night night" and "love you" right after us and was basically asleep by the time we closed her door. But one night, after my mom said she didn't eat well all day, we go to lay Charlotte down for bed and she looks up with sad eyes and says "eat." She's never done this before and there's no way I was sending my baby to bed hungry. So 20 minutes later with a belly full of oatmeal, she goes to bed. Except the next night, as we lay her down, she gets this glimmer in her eyes and pops her head up with an "eat?" And it's been that way ever since that night. Oh, and she's added on to her list of "demands." We get eat, paci, night night, rock, and milk. Every. Single. Night. We've gotten smarter and will make sure she's eaten at least an hour before bedtime, had a sippy of milk, and all her other demands right before bedtime, so when she asks for them we don't feel bad about telling her no. 
Ok, I lied. I feel bad every time for telling her no to rocking.

{5} One quick funny story to end it. The other morning, like all mornings, I have to wake Char up to go to my mom's house for the day. I normally just scoop her out of bed and get her in the car without much handling. But that morning she requested "milk" as I walked by the fridge. So I put her on the counter, told her to stay, and went to the fridge for milk. I hand the sippy to her and without missing a beat - she takes it, flips it over to look at the bottom, cuts her eyes at me, cuts her eyes back at the bottom of the sippy, and hands it back to me. Basically her sassy little way of letting me know she wanted chocolate milk.
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  1. Sounds like she has such a fun personality! I love the sassy way she told you she wanted chocolate milk. lol.

  2. She sounds so precious! I remember when my first born really came into seems so long ago! Now our 8 month old is starting to show her personality and I just want time to slow down. Thank goodness for our blogs where we can document all the funny/good stuff!
    Stopping over from the linkup and would love if you had a chance to pop by mine as well =0)

  3. Oh, man that chocolate milk story is so funny! Sound that Charlotte has been growing up so fast! Love reading the stories!

  4. What a character! That is too funny about the chocolate milk!