Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Weekend in Pictures// My Summer Baby

So it's been a hot minute. So much has happened and a certain little one has grown so much. And while the days go by and I neglect this little space of mine, the little one is still growing and then I look back and regret not writing down more about her.

Because honestly I could fill pages and pages about her. Charlotte is simply the best. I promise an update on her soon! But for right now, let's do a weekend in pictures!

Since last week, Char now gets to spend her Friday's with her other Grandma! It's such a win-win! Charlotte gets to spend time with her Grandma, while her Nana gets a break! They play outside a lot and that's a great day in Char's book!

Friday evening for about 30 minutes, I got my very first taste of what life with 2 under 2 would be like. And all I've got to say is - God bless you Mamas that do this on the regular! "My baby" was a dream. He slept the whole time his actual Mama was out running to the store, but my big baby.. Oh man! It's like she knew I was all tied up holding the sleeping baby and proceeded to create a disaster area in her room. Blocks dump, play food every where, every drawer on her dresser opened! Holy Cow! I was amazed at the chaos she created in 30 short minutes! Haha! That being said, I'm in no rush for another sweet, sleeping baby!

Friday night we grabbed dinner with some friends. Poor Char couldn't hang and thank goodness for awesome friends with a baby too.. because they had an extra paci when we didn't! ::Praise Hands::

 Friday night we spent the night at Grandma's beach house and woke up to a pretty sunrise. Not by choice.. because trust me.. I would have loved to have slept past 5:50. But, it gave me some sweet time with my girl. We walked down the dock and watched the fishermen next door load their boat. Then we ate oatmeal and oranges on the balcony.


A little bit later we headed down to the beach. It was the best day so far of the year. 80 degrees and beautifully sunny! We played in the sand, kicked around in the freezing cold water, and I attempted to get a little sun on my glowing white legs!

 That night we hit up the mall for a little family dinner and fun time. We ate at a new pizza restaurant Pieology and it was amazing! Basically a Subway, but for your pizza! It was inexpensive and so so good! I can't wait to go back!

Sunday morning we went to church and I'm proud to say Char made it the whole time in her Sunday School! Granted, the nursery workers did say she only wanted to be held the whole time, but at least I didn't get called out of service?! Mom win? Um.. yes! Once we got home I had to grab a few pictures of her in her Sunday dress!

{The new "cheese" face.. it's horrible! Haha!}



Honestly, she wasn't having the whole "photo shoot" thing, so we I gave up and we went inside for lunch. This girl. One day she'll eat anything, the next she's the pickiest eater I've ever seen. Also, don't trust her when she asks for something. Aka.. bananas. She doesn't like bananas. Don't let her fool you. What she does like is pickles dipped in ketchup. Gag. Also, she's super laughing in these pictures because her Daddy burped. Loud. And she thought it was hil-a-rious! She's kinda gross, but I love it!

The rest of these are my favorite pictures I've taken of her to date. I'll be framing all of them. That's not too much, right? Haha! But for real, she's the best and she lights up any room with that smile!

{Laughing at Mama's sneezes}

After I had completely annoyed Char with a million pictures, we took advantage of the gorgeous sunny day. I think one of my favorite things about Char's age is how much that they absorb of what you say. I told her one time that we were going to put on sunscreen and her swimsuit and we were going to play outside. The rest of the day she talked about her "shoot shoot" and the "wahtuh." She's an outside loving, water playing kinda girl. I can't wait to spend the rest of the summer soaking her up.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend filled sunshine and fun! I can't wait to do it all again next weekend! :)