Monday, April 24, 2017

My Beach Babe

I grew up at the beach.
It was what we did on the weekends and every chance we got during the summer.
I remember the PB&Js and Capri Suns.
Pretending to not hear Mom when she says it's time for more sunscreen.
Rubbing sand on the jellyfish stings.
Feeding chips to the seagulls and annoying every person near us.
Thinking we could dig a hole deep enough to reach China. 
Building the tallest sand castle only to knock it down.
Diving for hermit crabs and other shells.
Being cold and wrapping up in a sandy towel.
And finally passing out on the car ride home.

These beach memories are my favorite.
And I can't believe I'm lucky enough to have a daughter to make these same memories with.
I can't wait to spend more days at the beach with her.
And for her to get these same memories.
Minus the jellyfish stings, of course.