Making Memories

  • Get engaged to the man of my dreams
{Engaged on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, May 29,2009}
  • Marry the man of my dreams
{Photo by Luker Smith Photography, June 12, 2010}
  • Adopt a shelter pet
{Jinxy Cat, November 2009}
  • Go on a cruise
{Royal Caribbean - October 19-26, 2014}

  • Visit: Disney World
{Honeymoon, June 2010}

  • Be a bridesmaid
{Taylor's Wedding, June 18, 2011}

{Marissa's Wedding, January 2012}
{Alexis' Wedding, March 23, 2013} 
  • Visit: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure
{Spring Break, March 2009}
  • Drink Butterbeer in Harry Potter World
{Harry Potter World, May 2012}
  • Visit: Sea World
  • Have a caricature done
{Completed 2013} 
  • Visit: Busch Gardens
{Completed October 2014}
  • See the Christmas light at Rockefeller Center
  • Eat a beignet at Café Du Monde in New Orleans
  • Visit: New York City
  • Attend: Outdoor music festival
  • Attend: Awards Show
  • See: Taylor Swift in concert
{Concert at The Wharf, June 2008}

{Concert in Biloxi, May 2009} 
  • See: One Direction in concert
{October 3, 2014 - Read about it here}

  • See: Luke Bryan in concert
{March 2013 - Read about it here}

  • See: N*SYNC or BSB in concert

{Back Street's Back - All Right!}
  • Own a pair of Louboutins
  • Buy my "mommy" car
{July 2014}

  • Pay off all credit cards
  • Pay off Ethan's truck
  • See: The Grand Canyon
  • See: Mount Rushmore
  • Go: panning for gold
  • Go: Cliff jumping/diving
{Cancun, Mexico - October 24, 2014}

  • Read the Bible completely through
  • Go white-water rafting
  • Have a baby girl
{Baby Girl Macarthur - Coming July 2015}

  • Have a baby boy
  • Walk for charity
{Making Strides for Breast Cancer} 
  • Watch a birth
  • Go camping
  • Visit: Pearl Harbor
{Battle Ship Missouri and the USS Arizona Memorial, June 2009}
  • Ride in a helicopter
{Helicopter ride in Kaua'i, Hawaii, June 2009}

  • Visit: California
  • Start a blog
  • Go: parasailing
  • Go: sky diving
  • Throw a surprise party
{Grandma's Surprise 70th Birthday Party, October 2013}

  • Run a 5K
{October 11, 2014 - Mud Run 5K}

  • Run a 10K
  • Run a Half Marathon
  • Run a Marathon
  • Witness a proposal
{My brother & his now wife, July 2012}
  • Get back to high-school skinny
  • Visit: Las Vegas
  • Go skiing (snow)
  • Go skiing (water)
  • Go tubing
  • Go snorkeling
{Molokini Crater, Hawaii, June 2009}
{Cancun, Mexico - October 24, 2014}
  •  Ride a zip-line
{Belize City, Belize - October 23, 2014}

  • Visit: Hawaii
{May 2009}
  •  Have a margarita in Mexico
{Cancun, Mexico - October 24, 2014}

  • Travel to a different continent
  • Visit all 50 of the US States
  • Eat a macaron in France
  • See Big Ben in England
  • Decorate my dream nursery
  • Build a snowman
{That one time it snowed in Florida, March 2010}
  • Go to a drive-in movie theater
  • See a Broadway musical
  • Participate in a flash mob
  • Make a difference in someone's life
  • Have my 15-minutes of fame
{Local Bridal Magazine, 2010}
  • See the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Go whale watching in Alaska
  • Meet: a celebrity
{Taylor Swift, Buelah Sausage Festival, 2007}

  • Tip 100%
  • See: the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Give: blood
{Blood Mobile, November 2008}
  •  Attend: Florida State Football game

{FSU v Miami - 2013}

  • See: the Statue of Liberty
  • Meet: the POTUS
  • See the "world's largest" something
{World's Largest McDonalds, Orland, Florida, March 2009}

  • Watch Ethan graduate Physical Therapy School
  • Adopt a dog
  • Charter a yacht
  • Go: rock climbing
{October 2014 - And yes, I reached the top!!}

  • Eat: at In-and-Out 
  • Publish a children's book
  • Watch the sunrise on the beach
  • Learn to surf
  • Put a lock on Lover's Bridge in Paris, France
  • Compete in a Tough Mudder 5K
  • Participate in a Color Run
  • Pay it forward
  • Attend a Masquerade Ball


  1. Such a great list! I definitely have some of the same things on my bucket list. I'd love to go to Disney World, I've been to Disney Land before though. I also want to visit the statue of Liberty and a drive-in movie theater.

  2. Just found your site through the 5 on Friday and I love this!! Such a neat list. Things I have always wanted to do and never really thought to add to the "big list". It's inspiring me to start my own. I have a running one in my head, but I have never put it to paper. Excited to keep exploring! Have a great night :)

  3. Love reading this! So many great life goals and I bet having written them down, you'll knock them out (bonus if you have twins with a boy and a girl ha). :)

  4. This is such a great vision of the memories you are making. I just saw the Statue of Liberty this summer while visiting NYC. When you make it there ground zero and the world trade center memorial museum is very close by, I highly recommend it.

  5. Great Bucket list - it is very inspiring. Will make mine now, too, soon :-)