Meet Katie

Hi there! If you stopped by here, you're probably new around these parts.
So here's the rundown.. I'm Katie and you're reading about my life. Whether that be my family, faith, style, opinions, recommendations, and sometimes some really random stuff.
The blog used to be about my life as a newlywed. Mine and Ethan's adventures. Some travel, some weekends, and some exercise plans, but mainly just what the Macarthurs were up to lately.
Well.. that's all changed now that we have an adorable little sidekick! So, if you're looking for some cute pictures of the world's cutest little girl. You've found the right place!
I can't promise to post on the regular or even post about something other than Charlotte for weeks at a time, but that's what this blog is about. It's about The Macarthurs Lately.

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